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MAC: Frozen White Collection

Release Date:
December 1999


    Gesso – White-as snow (Matte)


    Black – Black


    Boot Black – Intense black


    Frozen White – sheer to medium frost, a seductive, glacial finish
    Vinyl – Sheer, true-red shine accents the chill of the collection. A true-red slash of deep color to accent the chill factor.


    Frost – Pale, ice-cold shimmery powder


    White – Sophisticated polar shimmer with a subtle blue pink glow.


    White Frost Tint – Sheer icy white shimmer for the body and face.


    Glitter Lashes – Lashes tipped in delicate reflective frost.


    Mac Pearls – A collection of icy drops that can be glued to the skin for a delicate touch.
    MAC Mirrors – Small mirrored hair clips with Velcro on the bottom for a seductive, reflective shine.

Time Rocker

Release Date:
August 1999


    Foil – Pale duo-chromatic gold frost
    Rocker – Deep red-burgundy matte enriched with sparkling glitter
    Smoove – Deep reddish brown with bronze aqua green frost
    Underground – Deep rich golden brown with bronze
    Velvet – Rich blackened purple matte glitter
    Vinyl – Vivid red glossy sheer finish


    Nico – Subdued mauve infused with glitter
    Oh Baby – Rich golden bronze shade with silver glitter


    Club – Dark greyish aqua green with red brown undertones
    Glare – Pale bright chartreuse accented with gold shimmer
    Patina – Subdued olive brown with a reddish golden sheen
    Tilt – Blue accented with an aqua/violet duo-chrome effect (Frost)
    Trax – Deep velvet burgundy plum with metallic flecks


    Ohhh – Deep purple with subtle shimmer
    Slammin’ – Rich russet red embellished with bronze shimmer
    Slick – Greyed-blue with burnished yellow gold shimmer


    Rocker – Red burgundy with glitter
    Tilt – Blue-violet with glitter
    Velvet – Purple with glitter


MAC Tattoos – Tribal Tattoos / Temporary body tattoos


Release Date:
May 1999


    Frolick – pinkish beige w/bronze gold frost
    Shag – glazed deep copper bronze frost


    Explicit – Pale subdued bronze w/metalized silver pearl


    Bronze – Deep metalized tan


    Bronze – Bronzed brown w/subtle, golden shimmer
    Golden – Healthy tan w/subtle, golden shimmer


    Frolick – Light pink gold frost
    Shag – Copper bronze frost

MAC: Pure Collection

Release Date: March 1999

MAC’s Pure Collection presents some gorgeous, ethereal-like shades that seem to reflect the delicate chill of early Spring – perfect for a March limited edition collection release.

This collection will be available while supplies last. But don’t fret; some of the shades are permanent shades in the MAC Cosmetics regularly available shade list. Hush and Vex eyeshadow will be available in the future, so don’t stress it when considering whether to purchase these colors.

Speaking of Hush, this eyeshadow is a gorgeous option to use a highlight color for any eye makeup look using cool colors. Hush is a soft, pinky peach shade. To me, it looks mostly like a frosty pale pink with a bit of added warmth to it (it leans more to the pinky peach side as opposed to the pinky purplish side like many other pale pink shades). I like to use Hush as my final eyeshadow color just below the brow to highlight the brow bone. I also blend in a little in the middle of my eyelid after I’ve applied my other eyeshadow shades. This gives a nice sheen to my look and acts as a highlighter for areas where I want light to reflect. The shade has a frost finish, so in my opinion, you don’t want to over do it with this shade. A little goes a long way.

The same can be said for the Cream Colour Base in Hush. It makes an excellent facial highlighter. In face, all of the Cream Color Bases from Pure are excellent choices if you want to create an iridescent sheen finish for your skin.

With gentle overlays of frost, sheer washes of cold color, iridescent glows, the palest of pastels and winter-turned-spring veils of color, this MAC collection captures the essence of any early Spring chill. The entire collection is gorgeous and perfectly on trend for the upcoming 1999 Spring season.


Gliss – Golden peach glaze
Hue – Pale sheer and soft pink
Hush – Pale sheer peach
Isis – Cool taupe glaze with an overcast of silver and aqua
Kool – Pale sheer lavender
Ozone – Pale silver-white glaze


Chill – Luminous satin cool white
Hush – Pale peach frost with pearl
Krisp – Pale luminous frost cool white
Vex – Pale green and greyed frost with pearl


Hush – Pale peach frost
Kool – Pale muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl
Luna – Pale luminous cool frosted white
Tint – Soft muted mocha with a pale golden pearl


Gloss – Gloss nail lacquer is made to match Gloss Lipstick
Hush – Hush nail lacquer is made to match Hush Eyeshadow and Cream Colour Base
Kool – Lavender mauve shade made to match Kool Cream Colour Base
Ozone – Silvery white. Created to match Ozone Lipstick

MAC: Valentines Collection

Release Date: February 1999

As one of MAC’s earliest collections, this collection is quite simple and straight to the point. It includes MAC Lipglass in the shade Desire as well as a little heart shaped carrying pouch. It makes a perfect little Valentine’s gift for just about anyone. Not too over the top, but still to die for. :) And what girl doesn’t love MAC Lipglass? You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Desire is also included in The Five Sins of Lipglass Collection, the very first all Lipglass collection released by MAC, which is also available the same month as the MAC Valentines Collection: February 1999.



Makeup Bags

MAC Valentines Collection Lipglass Pouch – A darling little heart shaped pouch from MAC