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New Years Party Makeup Looks

Looking for some exciting and dramatic new looks for your upcoming New Years party? Just watching this video will really get your creative wheels turning. :) The video is by Verdge (view her profile on Youtube). She has some absolutely gorgeous looks. Get some inspiration, and then create your own look. Fun, colorful looks like these are oh-so-fun… especially for occasions like ringing in the New Year!


MAC: Sculpt and Shape Collection

Release Date:
December 26, 2007

The Sculpt and Shape collection will include four powder duos – each containing half sculpting powder and half shaping powder. The (darker) sculpting powders are used for creating depth and shadow, while the (lighter) shaping powders shape and highlight your features. Each of the powders are PRO products (available in regular single sizes at select PRO stores). The half and half powder duos will be available at counters as limited edition products.

The collection also features three brushes – two of which are limited edition (repromotes from the Icon IV: Raquel Welch collection). The other brush is limited edition at counters, but regularly available at stores.


    Shaping Powder: Emphasize – Cream with fine Pearl (PRO)
    Sculpting Powder: Bone Beige – Soft warm brown matte (PRO)
    Shaping Powder: Accentuate – Peachy beige with fine pearl (PRO)
    Sculpting Powder: Sculpt – Soft taupe matte (PRO)
    Shaping Powder: Lightsweep – Warm beige with fine pearl (PRO)
    Sculpting Powder: Shadester – Midtone leathery brown (PRO)
    Shaping Powder: Warm Light – Clean peach (PRO)
    Sculpting Powder: Definitive – Midtone reddish brown (PRO)


    #138 Brush – Tapered face brush (LE at counters, regularly available at stores)
    #169 Brush – Synthetic angled blush/face brush (LE)
    #223 Brush – Synthetic tapered blending brush (LE)

Emphasize/Bone Beige:


MAC: Authentics Collection

Release Date:
December 26, 2007

[Macy’s Exclusive]

Well, everyone has been chatting about this upcoming collection, which is due to be released this month! Unlike the rest of MAC December collections, this one will be a Macy’s exclusive. So, once you’ve checked out MAC’s Sculpt & Shape, Moisturelush and Originals collections (which also release on the 26th), head on over to Macy’s to check out Authentics as well!

Here are products that may be part of the collection so far! :)


    Blackberry – Muted burgundy-plum brown
    Moss Spot – Yellow olive green
    Total Bliss – Neutral beige w/pink and white pearlized pigments


    Uniquely You – Deep coral w/gold pearlized pigments



MAC: Moisturelush Collection

Release Date:
December 26, 2007

This upcoming MAC Cosmetics collection will feature two new skincare products: Moisturelush Cream and Moisturelush Eye Cream. These two new products are suitable for all skin types, but look to be simply ideal for those of us who have extremely dry skin. And since, yes, that would describe ME, I’m unbelievably excited for this release! ;) I can’t wait! Read more about each product:


Moisturelush Cream is a thicker face cream that should provide ultimate hydration for dry skin – it looks to be a lifesaver for dry skin types. It calms your skin, prepares your skin for makeup application and provides antioxidant protection. It is a rich, lush, lasting moisturizer.

The formula is non-acnegenic, and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. It contains oryzanol and other antioxidants which protect your skin from environmental damage. Moisturelush Cream also contains caffeine, an anti-irritant, which makes the formula extremely smooth, comfortable and wearable. The formula also contains barley extract, wheat germ extract, cholesterol and linoleic acid which maintain your skin’s lipid barrier to ensure soft, supple skin.


Like the Moisturelush Cream, this eye cream is a super-hydrating, long lasting moisturizer. The rich, soothing formula does just about everything! Moisturelush Eye Cream contains yeast extract, which really helps to de-puff. It also contains additional agents and special botanicals which provide that needed lifting and firming for the delicate skin around your eyes. The formula contains a vitamin E derivative and antioxidant, to help protect against damage, as well as Sucrose, an anti-irritant, to help calm your skin and provide superb wearability. And finally, special luminous optical diffusers minimize the appearance of dark under-eye circles, lines, wrinkles and other imperfections, all while providing your skin with added radiance. It makes your skin brighter, tighter, smoother and healthier! Like the Moisturelush Cream, Moisturelush Eye Cream is non-acnegenic, and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Wow! This little product has a LOT to offer!

UPDATE: Thanks to BeautyBlitz, we were able to find prices on these upcoming products! The Moisturelush Cream will be $29.50 USD, and the Moisturelush Eye Cream will be $28.50 USD.

Moisturelush Cream and Moisturelush Eye Cream

How to Create a Dramatic Smokey Eye

M·A·C Pro makeup artist Chantel Miller shows you how to create a dramatic smokey eye in this video tutorial. But (surprise!) this particular smokey eye tutorial offers an extra bit of glamour! She incorporates subtle shine and gorgeous highlights into the classic smoldering eye look.

This look is a great one for holiday parties and events, so we thought you might want to have a look now that the holiday party season is under way! The sophisticated sheen will look oh-so-gorgeous with most formal fashions and evening looks. Try it with a variety of party looks this season – think plush velvet, shiny satin, silk, and beaded party dresses! ;;)

MAC: The Stylistics Collection

Release Date:
November 29, 2007 (US/CAN)
December ?, 2007 (INT)

MAC Store Exclusive

This collection looks absolutely stunning. All products come in gorgeous limited edition Stylistics casing (see pics below), but (sad to say) higher limited edition prices. However, the collection as a whole looks to be more than worth it!


    In Vogue – Neutral mid-tone brown with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
    Soft Pout – Sheer pink peach with white pearlized pigments (Frost)
    Stylistic – Vibrant yellow red (Cream)
    The Scene – Deep berry (Cream)


    Conversational – Sheer creamy white with pink pearlized pigments (Frost)
    Hyper Chic – Neutral caramel brown (Frost)
    Tastemaker – Deep wine with red and gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
    Witty – Intense red with red pearlized pigments (Frost)


    Fashionette – Berry with red and pink pearlized pigments
    Pave – Pink with gold pearlized pigments
    Solitaire – Beige with gold pearlized pigments
    Warm Ice – Soft pink peach with pink pearlized pigments


    Model Chic – Warm beige
    Lighthearted – Caramel
    Dark Secret – Deep caramel


    Air of Style


    Stylistic Clutch


    129 Powder Brush
    224 Eyeshadow Brush
    316 Lip Brush

The Stylistics Lipglasses

The Stylistics Sheersparked Pressed Powder

The Stylistics Sheer Mystery Powder

The Stylistics Clutch and Brushes

Metal X

Release Date:
November 21, 2007

The Metal X Collection will be released on November 21, 2007! It will contain nine Metal X Eyeshadows and five Glitter Eye Liners. If you’ve been waiting for MAC to release more glitter liners, then you’re in luck! The Metal X Eyeshadows look really cool. They are creamy eyeshadows with a cold, metallic finish. See pictures of the collection below.

METAL X EYESHADOW (A cream eyeshadow)

    6th Sin – Forest green w/silver pearlized pigments
    Cyber – Metallic silver w/silver pearlized pigments
    Fusion Gold – Light pinky beige w/gold pearlized pigments
    Goldspice – Metallic coppery gold
    Metalblu – Navy blue w/silver pearlized pigments
    Pink Ingot – Mid-tone blue-pink w/gold pearlized pigments
    Plum Electric – Deep purple w/red pearlized pigments
    Pure Ore – Metallic green gold
    Virgin Silver – White w/silver pearlized pigments


    Blitzed – Yellow gold w/multicolour glitter
    Enbronze – Deep brown w/multicolour glitter
    Lime dandy – Mid-tone yellowgreen w/multicolour glitter
    Pewterpink – Blue purple w/multicolour glitter
    Wonderwhite – Silver white w/multicolour glitter

Here are pics of the collection:

Metal X Store Display: Metal X Store Display

Metal X Glitter Eye Liners – Lime Dandy, Wonderwhite, Pewterpink, Blitzed and Enbronze (Left to Right):Metal X Glitter Eye Liners: Lime Dandy, Wonderwhite, Pewterpink, Blitzed and Enbronze (Left to Right)

Metal X Eyeshadows

MAC Metal X Eyeshadows

Metal X Eyeshadows (Closeup) Metalblu, Cyber and Goldspice (Left to Right):

Metal X Eyeshadows: Metalblu, Cyber and Goldspice (Left to Right)

Easy Smokey Eyes

This is a great tutorial that will show you how to create a smokey eye look in only five minutes! Smokey eyes are sexy, smoldering and great at grabbing attention. :) The look is perfect for your next night out! The tutorial is by Beau Nelson, a makeup artist and Creative Director of Beauté Cosmetics.


MAC: Keepsake Collection

Release Date:
October 25, 2007

Nordstrom and The Bay exclusive

The collection includes:

Clutch (in a cream tweed) containing:

Pigment in Shimmertime – Soft baby pink (repromote: She Shines ’06) [Promo Size]
Powder Blush in Sunbasque – Gilded peach with pearl (Sheertone shimmer) [Full Size]
Lipglass in Glamoursun – Sun-beige with pink pearl (frost) (repromote: Sundressing ’06) [Full Size]
Soft Sparkle Eye Pencil in Night Sky – True black with silver pearlized pigments (repromote: Sweetie Cake ’06, Balloonacy ’07) [Promo Size]

MAC Keepsake Clutch, Pigment, Blush, Lipglass and Softsparkle Eye Pencil

MAC: Holiday 2007 Collection

MAC Holiday 2007 includes seven gorgeous collections this year. The collections are rich, elegant and perfect for the season. MAC Holiday features the following:

Antiquitease/Color: An absolutely gorgeous makeup collection of ornate, gilded shades for the fall and winter.

Royal Assets: A collection of gorgeous, antique-inspired compacts for eyes and lips.

Heirlooms: A collection of antique signature brush bags and professional brushes. Three sets are available (eyes, face and a basic set).

Curiousitease: This collection features mini color sets (lipglass/lustreglass, plushglass, pigments/glitter and soft sparkle eye pencil). Each color trio comes in a textured cream paper cylinder with gold or silver crown motifs.

Finerly: Finerly features four mini lip purses, each with a lipcolour trio inside. The four sets available are: plum, coral, tan or pink. Each cute little purse is a different shade of porcelain or cream and is gilded with metallic thread and an ivory crown logo on the handle.

Viva Glamourous: A collection of VIVA GLAM compacts in a deep red with a royal crown embellishment.

Kids Helping Kids: This is a collection of coordinated cards, gift cards and gift wrap. Each collection is signed, sealed, ready to send!

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes provide the perfect touch if you are looking to create a dramatic, sexy look. They can give you that “something extra” for your next special occasion or night out. If you haven’t tried them out before, you’ll definitely want to learn a little about how to apply them before giving it a go on your own.

This video tutorial is given by Chantel Miller, a MAC PRO Makeup Artist. In the lesson, she shows you the best way to apply false eyelashes (including how to avoid gluing them to your own lashes!) She also gives you tips on how to make the eyelashes blend into your natural eyelashes for a flawless look.

Long Lustrous Lashes
Creative Commons License photo credit: cybertoad

With full, dramatic lashes like these, go ahead and take on the world! All you’ll need to do is bat your eyes…


MAC: Alexander McQueen Collection

Release Date:
October 11, 2007

For those of you who are fans of the pale lip/heavy eye look, you’re in luck! MAC’s new McQueen collection looks to be just that:

MAC’s Description:

Backstage at Alexander McQueen Fall ’07, looks veered colourfully to the dark side. Celebrating the designer’s historic inspiration: ultra-pale lips and eyes shadowed lid-to-brow with a magnetizing cat’s eye. Powerful…and bewitchingly McQueen.


    Masque – Rosy pink (satin) (LE)
    Archtype – Light gold (lustre) (LE)


    Nothingless – Baby pink with white pearl (LE)
    White Magic – White gold with yellow pearl (LE)


    Haunting – Sea green (veluxe pearl) (LE)
    Nile – Soft royal blue with white pearl (veluxe pearl) (LE)
    Pagan – Yellow lime green with yellow pearl (veluxe pearl) (LE)


    Electro Sky – Royal intense blue (LE)
    Pharaoh – Creamy yellow green (LE)
    Otherworldly – Mid tone sea blue (LE)


    Black Karat – Black with gold pearl (frost) (LE)
    Feline – Rich black (LE)
    Jealous – Black with green pearl (LE)


    Velvetone – Film noir black


    New Vegas – Golden beige with bronze pearl (LE)


    20 – Half Lash

Yup… Our Site Got a Makeover!


Um…. no, you’re not crazy! Our site looks different! After a weekend at the nearest day spa (for websites) our site has received the ultimate makeover.

Don’t worry! All the info, posts and comments that used to be found at can now be found on this site – in our special MAC Cosmetics section. All comments, product reviews and user ratings are still in place, and we have even added additional features! Our MAC Makeup Forum (which used to be located at has also decided to move over and join us here as well. ;)

Our new look will allow us to branch out… and offer you reviews on even more brands and cosmetics lines. We will still cover EVERYTHING MAC, and will provide even more news and info on their latest collections and products.

Thank you for continuing to support the site! We love you all and hope to provide you with all the makeup and beauty tips you can handle!


The SoKiss& Web Team

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MAC: Plush Lash Collection

Release Date: October 5, 2007

MAC’s Plushlash collection marks the release of their newest mascara formula, Plushlash:

A new mascara with glamorous fringe benefits. Start with the v-shaped wand: one side coaxes lashes upward, while the other defines. Add its luxuriously intense, plumping, conditioning formula and you can see why we call it plush.

A mascara formulated to instantly plump up lashes for extreme voluptuous effect. Works fast. Builds volume smoothly and evenly from root to tip. Delivers a silky, flexible, full fan of lashes. Fluid formula lightly coats lashes one layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping. Goes on via an innovative, specially patented wand with a v-shaped groove that prunes the bristles on one side while leaving the other side full and lush. The short bristles coax the lashes upward to an extraordinarily sophisticated yet flirtatious curl, while the other side separates and combs the lashes root-to-tip creating a long, well-defined glamour lash. Volumizing, lengthening, curling, lifting. This mascara features everything you want, with all the top mascara no’s: no clumping, spiking, smudging or flaking.

Plush Lash is a MUST for anyone obsessed with mascara, eyelashes or both!


Plushblack – Deep black
Brownette – Chocolate brown

MAC: Mattene Collection

Release Date:
September 27, 2007

Mattene looks to be a great new collection for lipstick lovers (and matte lovers too!). The collection features sixteen new lipstick shades with the new mattene formula/finish. Some of us love matte finish makeup (while some of us don’t!), but either way, right now matte is “in”!

Collection description from MAC:

A modern take on M·A·C’s famed matte texture: new Mattene Lipstick. Creamier, softer, moister yet still long-wearing, velvety and matte – with no compromise. Diehard M·A·C fans will think of this as vintage matte yet more wearable.


Product description from MAC:

With its streamlined design, this new slimline lipcolour, features the traditional glamour properties of a matte lipstick – intense colour and semi-matte velvety finish – while offering a creamier, softer, more glide-on application. Non-caking, non drying. Moisturizing and incredibly wearable yet absolutely matte.

    40’s Pink – Neutral midtone pink
    All Grown Up – Deep chocolate brown
    Cafe Matte – Rich Caramel
    Classic Dame – Blood Red
    Composure – Neutral bronze plum
    Flattering – Beige Pink
    Immodest – Bright Magenta
    Night Violet – Deep purple grape
    Orange Dare – Bright yellow orange
    Poise – Yellow Pink
    Powersuit – Vibrant yellow pink
    Rapturous – Deep red berry
    Rougette – Wine Berry
    Seriously Rich – Bright pink red
    Tango – Coral
    You Say Tomato – Tomato Red