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MAC: Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

Release Date:
January 8, 2009

MAC has really been giving out the gifts this holiday season with all of the new collections they’ve been putting out. January 8, 2009 there is another collection set to release and this one is huge! With this collection, there is definitely something for everyone because they have specially formatted shades to go with all colors of hair. The collection is appropriately called Brunette Blonde Redhead, but for all of you out there who follow MAC releases religiously, you will recognize the collection as one that originally was called Hair. Can we just say that we like the name they went with so much better than Hair. Anyhow, the collection offers personalized palettes to make and create whatever look you wish for.

Like I said, this collection is a big one. There is something for the eyes, cheeks, lips, skin, and even brow. In each of these venues, there are colors for Brunettes, Blondes, and Redheads. The funny thing is, I find myself feeling much like I did in kindergarten; I don’t want to color in the lines. I want to break the rules and try colors that weren’t necessarily designed for my hair color. I just might have to do it. I am not a redhead, but the colors for redheads are so enticing. I especially like the lipstick color Blowdry. It’s such a feminine color.

The collection also offers three all new brushes. Since they are brand new brushes, I am definitely intrigued and can’t wait to check them out more closely when released. The 214 Brush allegedly will become permanent at MAC stores.

I think the thing I especially like about this collection is how basic it is to match up colors with what works best with your look. For those of us who aren’t great at identifying what’s going to look best with our tone and hair color, we thank you MAC from the bottom of our hearts. There really are so many things offered in this collection I could probably go on forever, but I will spare you all and just list the full collection below.

All’s Fair (Blonde) – Light purple pink (Lustre)
B-Babe (Blonde) – Rich pink (Frost)
Blow Dry (Redhead) – Pink coral (Lustre)
Chignon (Brunette) – Red plum (Glaze)
Marquise d’ (Redhead) – Sandy cream peach (Lustre)
What A Do! (Brunette) – Neutral pink coral (Frost)

Live and Dye (Redhead) – Cool pink
Peroxide (Blonde) – White pink
Quick Tease (Brunette) – Red purple
Red Devil (Redhead) – Coral orange
Soft Wave (Brunette) – Tan bronze
Strawberry Blonde (Blonde) – Deep pink red

Deep Shade (Brunette) – Dusty blue (Frost)
Henna (Brunette) – Dark gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Femme-Fi (Brunette) – Frosty golden cream (Veluxe Pearl)
Flip (Redhead) – Bronze gold (Frost)
French Cuff (Redhead) – Burgundy purple (Lustre)
100 Strokes (Redhead) – Ice pink (Frost)
Pincurl (Blonde) – Dusty white (Frost)
Knight (Blonde) – Dark grey (Veluxe Pearl)
Top Knot (Blonde) – Deep black purple (Velvet)

Brow Set
Clear (Blonde) – Colour free
Girl Boy (Redhead) – Fawned over blondette
Show Off (Brunette) – Full-bodied brown

Eye Kohl
Phone Number (Blonde) – Smudgy charcoal
Smolder (Brunette) – Intense black
Teddy (Redhead) – Dark-eyed bronze

Mineralize Skinfinish
Blonde – Soft pink to rose degrade
Brunette – Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
Redhead – Gold to salmon pink degrade

165 Brush – Tapered cheek, highlight brush (LE)
214 Brush – Short shader brush (MAC stores only)
226 Brush – Small tapered blending brush (LE)

MAC: Lash and Dash Collection

Release Date: December 26th, 2008

MAC’s Lash and Dash collection is set to release on December 26th. This collection was formerly known as “Lash Sidebar”, but is officially launching with the name Lash and Dash. After seeing pictures of the lashes, I already know where some of my Christmas money will be spent! (Sigh..)

There is nothing like full, thick lashes to give personality to your eyes and really make them pop. With MAC’s Lash and Dash collection, there is something for everyone with options ranging from the natural lash look to the dramatic vampy look. Even if you don’t usually wear lash embellishments, once you see them, you will want to try them. These are going to be perfect for all those upcoming New Years Parties! :)

The collection contains six different kinds of lashes including two new introductions, 42 Lash and Blinking Cool!. 42 Lash has a design that is a dramatic diagonal edgy appearance for those interested in a harder theatrical look. The Blinking Cool! Lash is more delicate but still striking with lots of curl for a combination of flirtation and innocence. I think Blinking Cool! Will be a lot of fun, but I might just get the 7 Lash. Whatever your chosen style is, these lashes look like they will leave an impression.

The six brushes that are included in the collection are listed below. If we learn of any updates, we’ll be sure to let you know! Each set of lashes costs $12.00USD.

#2 Lash – Long and wispy. (Permanent)
#6 Lash – Long, full, spiky. (Permanent)
#7 Lash – Natural-style length. (Permanent)
#36 Lash – This full lash creates a naturally dramatic look. These are formerly known as the ‘Sultress Lash’ from the Icon: Racquel Collection. (Permanent)
#42 Lash – Set of synthetic hair lashes specifically fashioned for style and drama. Impeccably dense at the lash line, gradually lengthens into uneven array or wisps and clusters. (Limited Edition)
Blinking Cool! – A high style of set of natural lashes combing length and intensity with a lightly flirtatious non-conformist look. Lashes overlap and fan out to provide a flattering luxe-and-lush fringe. (Limited Edition)

MAC: Dame Edna Collection

Release Date:
December 26th, 2008

Hi Beauties! MAC has a lot going on this Holiday Season. Among the collections coming out is the Dame Edna collection, inspired by the alter ego Dame Edna herself. Like Dame Edna, this collection seems to be just as bold and eccentric. The colors are heavily based in blues and sparkly finishes. While I do enjoy a nice shimmer to my makeup, I am not sure that this collection is speaking to me very much when it comes to the eye shadows. Of all of the makeup colors, I think I like the Splendid lipgloss the best.

The most appealing thing to me about the collection is the packaging. Once again, MAC delivers creative and entertaining packaging. If you were carrying around a lipstick from the Dame Edna collection, there’d be no mistaking it. The bluish-purple base color is accented with stars all over. The coup de grace is the signature red diamond encrusted pointy glasses that adorn each item. The packaging really does grab your eye and it seems to stay true to the Dame herself.

The collection is complete with nail polish, powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. Each item is imaginatively named appropriately reflecting some aspect of the notorious Dame Edna persona known for humor and entertainment around the world. I have listed what is believed to be in the complete line. If anything is added, I’ll be sure to update the list. The collection will be launching the day after Christmas!

Royal Tour Eye Shadow Trio
• Climate Blue: Shimmery purple-blue
• Dame’s Desire: Frosty pale purple
• Royal Tour: Shimmery cool purple

Wisteria Eye Shadow Trio
• Divine Night: Frosty charcoal
• Fireshine: Frosty silver
• Wisteria: Frosty pale Tiffany blue

• Coral Polyp: Creamy bright orange-coral
• Gladiola: Matte blue-pink
• Kanga Rouge: Creamy blue-red

• Hot Frost: Shimmery blue-pink
• Possum Nose: Bright red-coral
• Splendid: Pale pink-coral

• Spectacle!: Matte pale pink
• What a Dame!: Matte pale peach

Benefit Decked Out Dandelion Palette

Benefit’s Decked Out Dandelion Palette is the perfect bring-along for your next outing. It contains eye, lip and cheek colors as well as brushes. On the left side, the compact has two eye shadows in the shades Mr. Right Now and Dear John. A dual brush (one end for eyeshadow and the other for lip color), is located in the middle. The compact also includes a miniature version of Benefit’s signature Dandelion brush in the bottom right corner of the compact. A pan lipstick in Flirt and face-illuminating powder in Dandelion round off the palette. This little compact makes a great gift for your favorite fashionista… or for yourself. :)

MAC: Charming Garnet Collection

Release Date:
November 26, 2008

MAC’s new collection Charming Garnet: Glamour Basics is a definite must-have this holiday season. The collection starts out with a wallet sized makeup bag that zips around to close. It is wine colored decorated with two reddish-orange stripes. As if the bag isn’t cute enough, it’s the goodies in the bag that have me all excited. It includes an iridescent powder in Belighful and a Slimshine lipcolour in Bare. The pressed face powder will highlight the skin subtly. It can be used with a foundation or even on its own. You can even mix it with moisturizers or foundations to give them an iridescent look. How cool is that? Both of these items are regular sized, which alone would make this collection a great deal. But it includes more.

Charming Garnet also comes with a mini Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack and an 181SE Mini Buffer Brush. Even though the Buffer Brush is a smaller version of the regular sized brush, I think it will work just as well and it will also be easy to take with you for touch ups. The Buffer Brush has received rave reviews from so many people so I can’t wait to try it out. Usually, the regular sized buffer brush is $30 and since the whole collection is priced at $40, so it’s a great deal.

This is a MAC store exclusive so you’ll have to buy it online or go to your nearest MAC store to find it. The collection includes the following products:
• Iridescent Pressed Powder in ‘Belightful’: Gilded Peach Bronze
• Slimshine Lipstick in ‘Bare’: Light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (Frost)
• Zoomlash Mascara in ‘Zoomblack’ (Promotional size)
• #181SE – Mini Buffer Brush – Compact-sized buffer brush with a dome-shaped, natural bristle head. Feels luxuriously soft on the skin. Deposits blush, flawlessly blends to provide a soft, even distribution of colour. (This is not a permanent brush)

MAC: Enchanting Vermillion Collection

Release Date:
November 27, 2008

MAC’s newest collection, Enchanting Vermillion is being released just in time for the upcoming huge shopping weekend! The collection includes 5 basic brushes necessary for everyday makeup application. THANK YOU MAC for always providing us with fantastic makeup application brushes. Have you ever tried to apply your makeup with a low quality brush? I have, and it’s not something I ever want to experience again. A good makeup brush is the key to proper application and a fantastic looking finish.
The five brushes come in a medium-sized red-orange canister with wine satin stripes. The professional brushes will stand out from others with their red gloss handles complete with black M?A?C logo. I have to admit, the look of these brushes is simply sharp. I am especially excited about brush #266 one of MAC’s Small Angle Brushes. This brush will be perfect for when I want to use my eye shadow as an eye liner. It will help me create the distinct line as thin or thick as I want to. I do love a good brush.
This chic little kit is a Nordstrom exclusive and is priced at $40.

Enchanting Vermillion: 5 Basic Brush Set contains:
• #129SE – Powder/Blush Brush: All-purpose for blush or face powder. This brush is particularly good for blush application.
• #219SE – Pencil Brush: For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye
• #239SE – Eye Shading Brush: Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibers. It can be used to build intense colour on the eyelid
• #266SE – Small Angle Brush: For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibers which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle
• #316SE – Lip Brush (Covered): For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip.

MAC Enchanting Vermillion

MAC: Monogram Collection

Release Date:
November 26, 2008

MAC’s new collection Monogram (their annual couture collection) is available today! MAC really went all out with this collection. With Monogram, you can personalize your look allowing you to own distinct and unique collection items. The collection offers everything from lipsticks and shadows to brushes and fragrances. You can pick and choose, defining your own look.

The packaging alone is enough to make me want to buy something in this collection. It is sophisticated and swanky. All of the packaging is in reds, golds and blacks. There is a glamorous looking MAC monogram on each of the items. The monogram is especially bold on one particular item, the Monogram Clutch. It’s black with a red and gold MAC monogram. It could be used as a makeup bag or even as a fashion accessory.

There are several different shades of Lipstick and Lipglass. The colors are silky, chic and just simply gorgeous. Just looking at the colors makes me think smooth. Use the Lipstick alone or, for a more high gloss finish, apply the Lipgloss over it.

The Sheerspark Pressed Powder is the item I am most excited about. It’s a new shimmer powder that can be used for the eye and the cheek. I love anything that is versatile. It lets me be creative and it makes me feel like I am getting more for my money.

The collection appears to include the following. We will update the list if we hear of any new additions to the collection.

Monogram Lipstick
– $22.00USD
All Mine – Creamy mid-tone blue pink (frost) (LE)
Flourish – Frosty mid-tone red (frost) (LE)
Marque – Soft light neutral pink (frost) (LE)
Status Symbol – Warm mid-tone reddish brown (frost) (LE)

Monogram Lipgloss – $22.00USD
Distinguished – Sheer yellow beige with gold pearlized pigments (LE)
Identity – Pale baby pink with gold pearlized pigments (LE) (LE)
Monodramatic – Bronzy brown with gold pearlized pigments
Posh Life – Mid-tone bright pink with gold pearlized pigments (frost) (LE)

Monogram Sheerspark Pressed Powder – $26.00USD
Commemorate – Frosted pale gold with gold pearlized pigments (LE)
Keepsake – Frosted pale pink with gold pearlized pigments (LE)
Personal Touch – Frosted light peach with pink pearlized pigments (LE)
Old English – Frosted light bronze with gold pearlized pigments (LE)

Monogram Sheer Mystery Powder – $50.00USD
Light Medium – Pale Ivory (LE)
Medium Plus – Tan beige (LE)
Dark Secret – Deep Caramel (LE)

Monogram Brushes:
#129 Monogram SE – (LE) $45.00USD
#224 Monogram SE – (LE) $35.00USD

Monogram Fragrance: (LE) $75.00USD
Two 15 ml fragrance vials packaged in a pouch made of faux patent with a metallic finish. The fragrance is Air d’Style.

Monogram Clutch: (LE) $75.00USD
A glossy patent clutch in midnight red with red and gold monogram plaque closure.

Brrr! Cold Weather Makeup Tips

Have you ever noticed how much more difficult it is to apply your mascara and eyeliner when the winter chill starts to set in? Your mascara might be just a little stiffer coming out of the tube which makes a clean application near impossible. Or perhaps your eyeliner is much harder than usual and doesn’t even seem to leave any color on your eye lid. It’s because the cold of winter can pose a few problems with makeup application, especially when it comes to eye makeup. I have a few makeup tips that I use on a regular basis that I hope will make your life a little easier.

The key to a smooth eyeliner application is to have it be the right temperature. It is so frustrating when eyeliner is too cold and hard and doesn’t seem to want to go on. The exciting thing is that each of us has a secret weapon; our bodies. Your body heat has just the right effect on your eye makeup to get it to the perfect temperature without over warming it. If you just stick your eyeliner right next to your hip letting the elastic on your pants hold it to your body, after a few minutes, it will be ready. I always do my hair while my eye liner warms up.

The same trick works for your mascara. If mascara is too cold when you are trying to apply it, it is often thick and too many of your lashes will stick together causing the “tarantula” look to your eyelashes. To avoid this problem, you can use the same technique as used with the eyeliner. Simply allow your body temperature to warm up the mascara. I find that the mascara usually takes just a little bit longer than the eyeliner to warm up so you’ll want to factor that into your time to get ready.

I never apply mascara without curling my lashes first. With that in mind, I have one final tip to help your lashes look their best. To get the best curl from your lashes, you can warm up your eyelash curler. Think about it, you use a warm curling iron to curl your hair, why wouldn’t your eyelashes curl better if the eyelash curler were warm. I will use my body heat to help warm my eye lash curler. Sometimes, when I am in a time crunch, I use my blow dryer on low heat just for a few seconds. If you use your blow dryer to warm up your lash curler, make sure you test it first with your finger to make sure it’s not too hot since your eye is such a sensitive area. Hopefully, with these tips, the cold of winter won’t make a difference; you’ll still look your best.

MAC: Metal Urge Collection

Release Date:
November 20th, 2008

MAC’s Metal Urge collection (comes out TODAY!) and is promising to not disappoint. The collection is complete with shadows, powders, glitters, eye liners, and brushes. The colors of the collection are inspired by the precious metals of the earth. All of the Brushed Metal-X shadows have a metallic finished look to them so I think these colors will be especially fun for creating an intense evening look for an adventurous night out.

The Pigment comes in a variety of colors so you can pick one color that could be used during the day time and then pick one of the more intense colors like Gold Mode, or Spiritualize to create a more extreme look for the evening. The Reflect Glitter would be the perfect accent to the pigment to create a more fanciful effect to your makeup. OOH I just love pigments!

I am especially excited about the Liquidlast Liner. Good, long-lasting eyeliners are so hard to find. Liquid eyeliners are especially effective to help make the eyes really “pop”. As you know, MAC’s Liquidlast Liners are smudge-free and flake-free so you only have to apply once. I think the color Inky is such a fantastic color. I can’t wait to try it out. Here’s what the collection is believed to include so far. We will keep you updated if we find it includes more.


Material Gold- Pale peach/beige with gold pearl
Pink Platinum- Light blue/pink with silver pearl
Metalblu- Navy blue with silver pearl
Verdigris- Dirty deep green with silver pearl
Forged Rose -Reddish copper with gold pearl
Gilded Ash- Dark charcoal grey with pearl
Gold Spice- Metallic coppery gold


Gold Mode- Tan gold
Spiritualize- Yellow green with silver and gold pearl
Cocomotion- Dirty gold with an olive undertone and gold sparkle


Reflects Very Pink – Sparkling fuchsia pink
Reflects Purple Duo – Sparkling rich purple
Reflects Blackened Red – Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Bronze – Sparkling rich gold


Classic Cream – White gold
Visionaire – Clean baby pink
Inky – Navy blue with low level pearl
Inkspill – Deep green with green pearl
Powerplum – Deep plum with red pearl
Dress Khaki – Khaki green with yellow pearl
Molten Sol* – Rich gold with intense metallic pearl


#217 – Blending Brush
#272 – Small Angled Shader
#210 Brush – Precise Eye Liner

Benefit Chickster Maybe Baby Powder Perfume and Garter

This chic little powder perfume comes with an absolutely ah-dor-able garter attached to a pouch (perfume scent is Maybe Baby). You wear the garter underneath your party ensemble, and voila! You have the perfect place to stash a lipstick, gloss, extra cash or anything else without having to carry a purse. I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve used something like this when going out dancing. You never want to leave your bag at a table, but any bag (even a small one) just gets in the way when you’re on the dance floor. Well, problem solved! This sexy little accessory is the perfect gift for any of your party-going fashionista friends.

Benefit Chickster Powder Perfume in Maybe Baby with Garter:

Fall Makeup Trends

Hello Pretties!

The air is refreshingly crisp and autumn is in full swing. We can’t wait for you to try some of these top fall makeup trends. Deep, dark shades are all the rage for lips, eyes and nails. You will want to make sure and pair them with softer, more natural shades for your face and cheeks. We also recommend playing up just one or the other. Sophisticated, ladylike looks are a must-have this season.


Deep plums, berry shades, dark reds and bright reds are all great shades to rock this autumn. If using a lipstick, you’ll want to keep your lips supple by applying a moisturizing lip balm underneath. You should also use a more neutral lip liner to prevent the color from bleeding and to avoid making your darker lips look too harsh.
Keep in mind, if you have thin lips, you should skip this trend and opt for the darker eye and nail looks by pairing them with a more neutral lip. Dark lip shades will make thin lips look even thinner. Warm beige and light caramel shades are always a flattering fall classic.

Our favorite look: Dark berry shades

Creative Commons License photo credit: mkream


When going dark, remember one thing: keep nails shorter and squared. A clean, shaped look will be the difference between sophisticated and scary. Save long or pointy nails for Halloween weekend. :)

Our favorite look: Chocolate brown shades


Think either matte or metallic shades. Save glittery and shimmery shadows for your upcoming winter holiday parties. Plums, darker purples, and other jewel tones are in, as are classic blacks and dark browns. The smoky eye is always great for fall, or a slightly smudgy look will do the trick too.

Our favorite looks: Deep plum shadow in the crease or a deep, chocolate brown smoky eye


Nothing stands out against dark makeup trends more than fresh, gorgeous skin. Warm, natural, creamy skin is an absolute MUST this season. Skip the pink shimmery summer blushes this time around and use warm, creamy/glowy products.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

[See the rest of our How to Apply Makeup series for beginners.]

Foundation is the basis of many great makeup looks. Foundation can help your skin tone appear even and help minimize flaws. A good application can make the difference between a picture-perfect finish and a glamour don’t. We have all seen bad foundation applications on women who look like they are wearing an orange mask or whose faces don’t match their necks. But there is no reason to be intimidated. It is actually quite easy to apply foundation. Here’s how:

1. Color selection is the first step in avoiding obvious foundation lines. It is best to buy foundation at a store where you can try the colors because it can be very difficult to judge shades based on the package alone. Bring someone with you who you trust to give you an honest opinion about whether or not a shade is right for you. Also, be sure to step outside of the store to see how the color looks on your skin in the sunlight. Foundation that looks great in the store could look clown-like in natural light.

mac select spf 15 foundation nc20
Creative Commons License photo credit: Idhren

2. Begin with well-hydrated skin for even coverage. Moisturize your face and let it sink in for about five minutes.

3. Pour a very small amount of foundation onto your fingertips and dot onto your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

4. Using a damp cosmetic sponge, blend each dot outward until all areas of the face are covered. You can apply a little more if needed. After you are satisfied with the results, take your sponge or brush and blend the line where the foundation ends one more time around the perimeter of your face to ensure that no visible lines remain.

5. Dust with loose powder to help set the foundation in place.

6. Check your face in natural light to make sure everything is blended nicely.

Foundation doesn’t have to be scary to apply or look bad. If you’re not confident in your technique, practice before applying the rest of your makeup so that you can wash it off and start over if you aren’t happy with the results.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Hi Girlies!

This is an awesome video by Michelle Phan. She has some great ideas in this tutorial, and shows you how to implement techniques that will make your eyes look brighter. (The perfect routine for those days when you want to look like you got eight hours of sleep, but only got three!)

You can try sticking to the colors she used, or you may want to try some variations. Using a shimmery peach pencil instead of white for the waterline or inner rim of your eye as well as for the inner corner of your eye looks great as well!

Have a look: :)

All Day Eyeshadow

Want your eyeshadow to last all day? Here’s a quick trick to try: Apply a cream eyeshadow first, as a base, and then follow it up with your favorite dry shadow. Using this layering technique enables your eyeshadow look to last much longer than applying powder shadow alone.

As an added bonus, this technique intensifies the color. Give it a try next time you have an all day event! ;;)

Lady Vengeance accident
Creative Commons License photo credit: ?Debs?

Easy Summer Makeup in Five Minutes

Summer’s the time for carefree living, spur-of-the-moment decisions and laid back, easy style. In order to keep up with all the fun going on this summer, here is a great tutorial for doing your makeup in just five minutes. The best summer looks this season are light, easy and fun.

This summer, you could be doing everything from traveling, relaxing at the beach, flirting at the pool to working out, rock climbing or camping. You’ll want to ditch the heavy makeup and go for something that works for any summer activity. Be out the door in five minutes, tops! After all, even if you’re trying to be everywhere at once, you’ll still want to look amazing along the way. :)