A Review of MAC Cosmetics Powerpoint Eye Pencil

A great eyeliner is a must have in every girl’s makeup case. Eyeliner is the one essential you cannot be without, sort of like lip gloss. MAC Cosmetics Powerpoint Eye Pencil is one of those eyeliners that I have found to be a must have, over any of my other liners. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my NARS, Benefit and even some L’Oreal eyeliners. It’s just, I have found one that takes the cake.

MAC Cosmetics powerpoint eyeliner, is waterproof and it goes on smooth and strong. Personally I prefer an eyeliner that goes on heavy and bold. If I am looking to wear an eyeliner that I can barely see, I will use an eyeshadow and blend it out, for a softer look. But if I am going to bust our my pencil, I want power with it. The MAC Cosmetics powerpoint eyeliner gives you that and more. Plus, you can be confident knowing it is from MAC. MAC Cosmetics eyeliners are time tested and known to be the cream of the crop when it comes to quality.

There are about 14 different shades you can choose from. My favorite is a color called Engrave. It is a dark black. It is a flat black, no shimmer. Just dark and bold. Just how a black eyeliner should be. Though, for all the fun looks, they offer many metallic shades too. They are amazing. I have found they actually stand out more then metallic liquid eyeliner colors I have used in the past.

When going for a smokey eye look, it is best to have a great black eyeliner to complete the look. Out of all the eyeliners that lay in my makeup case, I always go for my Powerpoint eyeliner. All of the eyeliners work great for any look. Their brown is great, as well as their blues and greens. I always use their Engrave with any dark, smokey look that I am going for. When I play with bright colors, I like to choose there other fun shades.

MAC Cosmetics Powerpoint Eye Pencil is extremely long lasting. The type that, if you do not wash your makeup off at night, it is still perfect in the morning. I also found out, that when washing it off in the shower, it will leave behind color that actually still looks good. It is waterproof, so expect it to stick around for a while. Though it is best removed completely with an oil-free remover. If it is not oil-free, it will just kind of smear it around.

Out of my experiences with SmashBox, NARS, Makeup Forever and others, I have found MAC’s Powerpoint Eye Pencil to be the most durable, lasting eyeliner. If you are looking for an eyeliner that sticks and does not want to go anywhere, this is your type of liner. The eyeliner also goes on very smooth, almost creamy. You can also apply it, then take a small angled liner brush and shape, blend, smooth or drag out the liner on your lid. It’s just that amazing!

The Powerpoint liner really is a great find. I find it to be one of my top choices, out of the many eyeliners I own. It is priced very average, in comparison to other high end cosmetic lines, yet the quality of the liner will surely win you over.

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