Advanced Laser Lipolysis – The Benefits and Risks

If you live in the UK and you’ve ever been interested in laser liposuction (aka Advanced Laser Lipolysis), you are in luck. MYA clinics are now offering the procedure. It is one of the safest (and fastest growing) cosmetic surgery options available to date. Here are a few of its benefits over other lipo treatments.

Unlike other forms of liposuction, advanced laser lipolysis offers quite a few benefits to potential patients. First off, some traditional and recent lipo procedures like ‘Smart Lipo’ and Liposonix do not actually remove any fat. They only break down the fat – without actually removing it.

Laser liposuction is less invasive and unlike tradtional surgical liposuction, laser lipolysis only requires local anesthesia. No overnight stay is required and you can return to exercising within a week or two. (With many cosmetic procedures you have to wait a month or more.) Other normal activities can be resumed within a day or two and you can even return to work the next day. With traditional surgical lipo, soreness, bruising, swelling and pain last several weeks – much longer than with laser lipolysis. You also have to wear a compression garment for 6-8 weeks with traditional lipo instead of just 2 weeks with laser lipo.

Many women take good care of their bodies, but, due to genetics or body type, have a difficult time toning up or slimming down certain areas. This procedure is ideal for smaller areas or for women who just want to enhance their body. Smaller areas like the ankles, the knees, the arms/bra strap area or the neck are very common as are the typical areas like thighs, the stomach and the love handles. If you are a woman who is generally satisfied with her body, but wants to just improve one or two smaller areas, advanced laser lipolysis is a great option.

Any cosmetic procedure does carry some risks. Discuss both the benefits and risks with your doctor prior to getting anything done. Many considerations will depend upon your individual situation. Common risks include swelling, bruising, bleeding and infection, among others.

Of course, no lipo or cosmetic treatment, will take the place of the confidence you will feel from a healthy lifestyle. Each of us should strive to have the discipline to develop habits of eating healthy and exercising regularly. Doing these will help you look and feel your best. Cosmetic treatments like laser lipolysis are best for individuals who are already have healthy lifestyles.

In most cases, someone who doesn’t take any initiative to exercise or keep their body healthy would be better off to consider starting with a change of lifestyle before looking for a body image solution from a cosmetic procedure. But, if you are already well on your way to sculpting the body you want, advanced laser lipolysis can help you beat genetics and take care of those last little stubborn areas that stand in the way of you and the body you’ve always wanted.

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