All Day Eyeshadow

Want your eyeshadow to last all day? Here’s a quick trick to try: Apply a cream eyeshadow first, as a base, and then follow it up with your favorite dry shadow. Using this layering technique enables your eyeshadow look to last much longer than applying powder shadow alone.

As an added bonus, this technique intensifies the color. Give it a try next time you have an all day event! ;;)

Lady Vengeance accident
Creative Commons License photo credit: ?Debs?

3 thoughts on “All Day Eyeshadow

  1. Cassandra Rae Ferguson

    Great tip – thank you for this post! May I add that a skin primer can also really help, as will applying foundation and powder prior to eyeshadow. This sounds like alot of layers, but it need not be heavy and it will help the eyeshadow to ‘grab’ the skin and last longer.


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