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Convenient Make Up Storage Ideas

Let’s be honest, we as women tend to continuously buy more and more make up and then are eventually overwhelmed by the amount of products that we have. Our drawers are filled with random shadows and liners, and our counter tops in our bathrooms tend to be over run with moisturizers and bronzers. It can be somewhat frustrating to never know where a certain product or item is, and when a bathroom is constantly messy it can be stressful. So, there are a few solutions that can be made in order to help correct and organize the chaos of the make-up drawers.

A first step in re-organizing the dreaded bathroom is to go through your make up and actually throw out the things you know are either too old, or that will never be used. Actually choosing to get rid of these things will help to make your task much easier.

Once you have gone through and cleaned out the products that needed to be thrown away, then sort them into categories to begin the organization process. you can choose to sort into whatever categories work best for you, such as shadows and liners, bronzers and powders, and lotions and creams.

Once you have organized into categories, you can then figure out the actual makeup storage. If you have drawers set aside for makeup, you can put your products into those. There are drawer separators and organizers which you can buy to place into the actual drawers. These will give you different compartments and help keep things separated.

If you do not have any drawer space, you can choose to buy make up storage containers. These can be found in all shapes and sizes, at many retail stores close to you. There are professional makeup cases which can hold a mind blowing amount of make up products neatly and securely. A case can also be stored under the sink, your bed, or in a corner of the bathroom to be out of the way. You can also opt to buy plastic organizational drawers which can be stored under your sink as well, or on the corner of your counter top. These drawers come in all sizes and varieties, allowing you the opportunity to customize your makeup storage needs.

Whatever way you choose to organize your makeup products and tools, you will benefit greatly from choosing to do so and you will make applying make up a much easier task every day.

The Best Waterproof Eye Liner: Choosing the Best Formula

There are some situations when a normal eyeliner will just not do. Normal eye liners can smudge or drift south throughout the day, especially when the weather is hot and humid, or when water is involved. It can be quite frustrating as a girl to have to constantly worry about whether or not our eyeliner is smudging or running, and having to constantly touch up our eye makeup. There is a solution to this pesky problem, and it is the simple act of choosing the best waterproof eye liner.

Choosing a waterproof eye liner can be somewhat overwhelming, since there are many different products available out there. The first step in finding one in the sea of products is to figure out what you want from an eye liner. Meaning, do you want an intense lined look, a thin and more natural look, or do you want a playful color?

Once you have decided what exactly you want from your eye liner, then you can start looking through the different brands. There are many great companies which produce the best waterproof eye liners, so it will not be hard to find a quality product. However, you do need to decipher on whether or not you want liquid or pencil liner.

A liquid eye liner is a good choice for any girl who is wanting a more dramatically defined eye. However, when you add into the equation that it is a waterproof eye liner then you will never have to worry about your liner smudging. Not only are waterproof liquid eye liners able to withstand becoming wet, but they have the ability to last all day with the same dramatic look just like when it is first applied.

If you choose to use a pencil waterproof liner, then you are also choosing a great product just like the liquid liner. However, a pencil liner is oftentimes much more easy to apply. Pencil liners are also much easier to remove at the end of the day, which can make washing your face a much easier task.

Whichever type of waterproof eye liner you choose, or brand, you are making a smart choice for your face. you will never have to worry again about your eye liner smudging or straying during the day, and especially not when you are swimming or dealing with humid temperatures.

Let us know what you think! In your opinion, which are the best waterproof eyeliners, best waterproof liquid eye liners and best waterproof eyeliner pencils?

A Review of Chanel Vitalumiere

As a woman, I am always on the look-out for a quality foundation that gives my skin all of the benefits that I need to have the most beautiful and perfect skin possible. Searching through hundreds of products that line the shelves, I came across Chanel Vitalumiere, and instantly knew that I had finally found a product that was worth spending money on. Not only that, but I knew that Chanel is a name that I can rely on for high quality.

No one has perfect skin, especially not me. I constantly am fighting those pesky little zits and blemishes that appear on my face, as I know almost every other woman out there faces as well. Well luckily this product can help with just about all of these problems. This foundation seems to glide on evenly and smoothly, as it seems to erase all of my imperfections and gives me the radiant skin that I have always wanted.

Chanel Cosmetics Vitalumiere boasts the ability to give you youthful looking skin as its anti-fatigue formula wakes up your face, allowing that radiance to shine through. As we age, our skin’s radiance becomes dull giving our skin the appearance of being older than it actually is. However, we can fight this with products such as this foundation. It contains spf 15, which is beneficial everyday for blocking the harmful UVA/UVB rays that we are constantly exposed to.

So, the search is over for the perfect foundation. Chanel continues to create the highest quality products and lines, and the quality is evident once you try one of them. I have been so happy with this product, and I know that my satisfaction will be equaled by anyone who also buys and tries this foundation. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it!