Benefit: Realness of Concealness

Beauty emergency? Not anymore… Benefit’s Realness of Concealness mini “fake it” kit has the solution for just about anything. This little kit contains an assortment of fix-it products from Benefit Cosmetics. The enhancers include Ooh La Lift, Lip Plump and High Beam, as well as Lemon Aid and Boi-ing – two of the top selling Benefit concealers. The kit is portable – small enough to pass through airport security with its recently tightened regulations (learn more about travel beauty tips). According to Benefit, “It’s your solution for beauty dilemmas on-the-go”.

If you’re a Cosmopolitan Magazine fan, you’ll be glad to know it was praised there and received the “Fabulous Face Kit” Beauty Award. It was also voted the “Favorite Timesaver” by Child Magazine. If you have a stressful week and you happen to break out, this concealer kit can be a life saver if you have any events that week. If you’ve been curious about a Benefit concealer or other correction product, this is a great way to try it out, along with a few other Benefit fan favorites. This is also a great item to keep handy in a wedding day makeup kit. The kit retails for just $32 and comes in a darling little box.

You can purchase it here! :)

Creative Commons License photo credit: ookikioo

2 thoughts on “Benefit: Realness of Concealness

  1. Cassandra Rae Ferguson

    Wow, thanks for this post! This looks like a really nice little kit at a great little price too! I normally do not mind spending a bit more money on items such as concealers, as it is worth it to use quality ones – they simply contain more coverage and are longer-lasting. In the end, they end up being more economical. So, whilst I have not personally tried this kit, it certainly looks like something I would recommend to my clients and try myself!


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