Bobbi Brown on Natural Beauty Regardless of Your Age

Typically, most of us are continually trying to figure out how to look younger. This is an excellent video highlighting some of Bobbi Brown’s philosophies regarding beauty and aging. Bobbi Brown is an incredible inspiration when it comes to natural beauty, looking your best and feeling your best regardless of your age. The clips were taken from the AARP convention this past September where Brown addressed numerous topics including beauty for women over 50, natural makeup, plastic surgery, finding your own style, doing what works for you, and more. This is a great video that really helps us to put things in perspective! You can be gorgeous and feel wonderfully fabulous regardless of where you are at in life. :)

3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown on Natural Beauty Regardless of Your Age

  1. purvi

    With rising importance of beauty pageants and contests, people have become beauty conscious. And no one can take eyes off from a beautiful face. So, it is important to look great.


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