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LORAC Cosmetics is a line of makeup created by Hollywood makeup artist Carol Shaw. In fact, Shaw named the cosmetics line after herself- LORAC is Carol spelled backwards. Shaw became inspired to work in makeup after getting a makeover as a teenager and realizing how transforming and uplifting good makeup can be. Now a makeup artist to the stars who is always in demand, she has created her own line of cosmetics based on the needs of her famous clients. LORAC helps to bring glamorous looks to every woman in a way that can be worn every day.

One of LORAC’s top sellers is their Lip Polish. The main draw of this product is the packaging. This lip gloss is sold in a bottle that resembles a nail polish bottle, right down to the little brush used for application. In addition to being cute, the application is a little more precise with the brush than it is with typical sponge gloss applicators. The colors are very pigmented and this gloss leaves a soft minty taste on the lips.

LORAC is also known for their high-quality concealers. Concealer is a very important cosmetic when it comes to photo shoots so Carol has put a lot of effort into getting the formula for her concealer just right. The Cover Up Concealer is a creamy concealer that comes in a screw-top pot. It applies very smoothly and offers heavy coverage, making it particularly well-suited to covering dark circles under the eyes.

Another great product LORAC has come up with is the Oil-Free Luminizer. A few pumps of this liquid mixed in with foundation or moisturizer give the skin a very natural-looking sheen that creates the illusion of glowing from within. It’s a great way to give skin a dewy finish with little effort.

LORAC is a high end line and the prices do reflect that. However, in this case you really do get what you pay for. The cosmetics are top-notch. Now everyone can get that glamorous Hollywood look at home!

What’s Your Favorite Cosmetics Line?

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With all the different cosmetics companies out there, we want to know which ones you can’t live without. We’ve included the most popular higher end makeup brands (this list doesn’t include drugstore brands). We’ll be using the results from this poll to focus the majority of our product reviews and news updates on the cosmetics brands that you love the most.

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