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Free MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Makeup Kit

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For all of you free makeup sample fans out there, you know how difficult it can be to find free MAC Cosmetics samples. We haven’t seen an offer like this one in quite a while. The offer does require participation, but the reward is a makeup kit from MAC’s mineral makeup line, Mineralize. This line was launched in about 2008 and has taken the mineral makeup world by storm, becoming one of the most popular lines on the market. Plus, MAC is one of the most trusted brands in the cosmetics industry, so you can be confident knowing that the products are of the highest caliber.

If you are new to MAC’s mineral makeup products, here are overviews of a few of the more popular products in MAC Mineralize line.

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish has historically been one of the most popular products by MAC. It is a baked product meant to provide that last, finishing touch to your complexion, whether that be a hint of color, a slight glow, or a little bit of highlighting. These products typically been available only on a limited basis partly due to the difficulty of producing the product. MAC fans gobble these up quickly, and limited edition shades usually sell out in a blink. They are now a regular part of the Mineralize mineral makeup product line.

The MAC Mineralize Blushes are similar in texture to the Mineralize Skinfinishes. They provide a little sheen along with a gorgeous color payoff for the cheeks. They seem to last forever, as do all the baked Mineralize products.

The Mineralize Foundation is a richer cream formula which provides a buildable finish while maintaining a silky, non cakey feel. This product works well for all skin types, although we have heard reports of those with oily skin who report that this foundation might be better for normal to dry skin types. Either way, this product also features SPF 15 protection and skin-hydrating properties for all day comfort and wearability.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals – Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

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Get a free bareMinerals mineral makeup starter kit from Bare Escentuals by participating in this offer. Bare Escentuals is one of the most popular and most trusted mineral makeup brands in the world. Their bareMinerals line is adored by mineral makeup lovers all over the world. The set retails for $174 and comes with three Bare Escentuals makeup brushes, a special shampoo to keep your brushes clean, two shades of foundation, and a free DVD to help get you started if you’re just learning how to apply mineral makeup.

How to Apply Powder Bronzer

[See the rest of our How to Apply Makeup series for beginners.]

Bronzer is one of my favorite products. By using it correctly, you can get that healthy, gorgeous sun-kissed look you’ve been coveting. But if applied poorly, you can end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. The trick with bronzer is to know when, where and how much to use.

Step 1: Choose Your Brush. Choose a brush with a large, fluffy end. A large powder brush or a large blush brush can work, but just know that you need to make sure it is big enough to allow the product to be dusted on over a large area without being too heavy or leaving streaks.

Step 2: Take your brush and gently swirl it in your bronzer. Whether you’re using a loose powder bronzer, or the more common regular powder bronzer, you just want to get a small amount on your brush. It’s better to start with too little than too much. You can always layer the product to get a deeper color, so start light on your first touch.

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Step 3: Tap your brush on the edge of the compact with the brush end over the makeup pot. This helps to eliminate any excess powder from the brush and allows the excess to fall back into the container so that you avoid wasting any.

Step 4: Apply the bronzer to your face in a number 3 shape on one half of your face – starting at the top of your forehead and working your way down the side of your face. The “number 3 shape” will go from your forehead around the side of your forehead and temple, then in towards the upper part of your cheek bone, then back out around your jawline and down to your chin (your jawline and chin should get less product than your forehead and upper cheeks). Next, you’ll repeat the steps and apply it to the other side of your face. Think of focusing on the areas of your face where the sun naturally hits and tans your face.

Step 5: Blend! As you apply the bronzer in the previous step, you should just be creating a gentle glow, not a dark, obvious stripe of product. Once you are done applying it, Be sure to blend well. One of the most tell-tale signs of a poor makeup look is obvious streaking or lack of blending. To blend, use your empty brush to smooth out the product anywhere it looks uneven.

To finish, you can repeat the steps, and/or blend a little extra across the top of your forehead and cheekbones to add a little depth to your color. Just be careful not to go overboard. Too little bronzer looks way better than too much.

Free LORAC Bronzer or Liquid Lipstick

Hello Ladies! Print out this coupon from JCPenney Rewards, and bring it into any Sephora inside a JCPenney. You can redeem it for either a LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, or a LORAC Mini Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Glam. Offer is good only while supplies last. See more free makeup samples and free lipstick samples.