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When it comes to skin, no amount of cosmetics or concealer can really take the place of healthy, clear skin. Some of the most beautiful makeup looks incorporate fresh, glowing skin and lighter or translucent foundation. Such looks aren’t really an option without clear skin underneath. Heavier makeup can be great for a photo shoot or a special event, but no one wants to be forced to cake on that much makeup every single day.

If you struggle with problem skin, or if you simply want to maintain clear skin consistently, you can begin to clear up any problems by incorporating proper clear skin tips into your daily skin care regimen.

Essential steps to clear skin:

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1. As part of your clear skin routine, cleanse twice daily using a gentle but effective facial cleanser. Don’t use regular body bar soap, since they actually tend to lead to more problems (dryness, tightness and signs of aging). Also, don’t wash your face too frequently – dryness and irritation will result, leading to more problems. Simply cleanse your skin using an acne-preventative cleanser for the face. After washing your face, use a high quality facial toner. As the final step in your routine, use an oil-free facial moisturizer. Brands such as Dove, Cetaphil and Neutrogena are just a few brands that have affordable skin care lines with quality products. Be gentle and try a few different brands until you find the right one for you. When trying a new brand, allow several days to a week to see if you notice improvement, before giving up and switching to a new one.

2. Try acne treatments with key ingredients, until you find the one that works best on your skin. Use the product all over your face if appropriate – don’t just “spot treat.” If one works, don’t just use it until your skin is clear. Use of the product should continue as a preventative measure, or your acne will most likely return. Look for some of these common effective ingredients in your product:

– Salicylic Acid: slows abnormal skin cell shedding (that clogs pores and creates pimples) and unclogs pores
– Alcohol combined with Acetone: the acetone degreases and the alcohol kills bacteria
– Benzoyl Peroxide: reduces the bacteria in acne and removes excess dead skin cells that clog pores
– Resorcinol: often combined with sulfur (has a strong and distinct odor), controls acne lesions

3. Keep your hair clean and out of your face, and also try not to touch your face too often. Both your hair and hands carry oils and bacteria that can add to current skin problems and also cause new ones.

Remember, the right kind of skin care regimen is the answer to treating and preventing problem skin. With attention and discipline, most people can obtain beautifully clear, creamy skin. Since healthy clear skin is one of the most desired beauty essentials, your efforts will be more than worth it.

If your breakouts do not improve or go away by following upon these tips for clear skin, you may need to get an appointment with your dermatologist or family doctor for a clear skin solution. They may be able to give you further help or medications designed for more serious acne issues.

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  1. kendyl

    well i am african american and i have really oily skin…so i got something called black soap it works so good
    you can probably find it at any beauty supply store.
    also acne pads are really good to!


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