Easy Smokey Eyes

This is a great tutorial that will show you how to create a smokey eye look in only five minutes! Smokey eyes are sexy, smoldering and great at grabbing attention. :) The look is perfect for your next night out! The tutorial is by Beau Nelson, a makeup artist and Creative Director of Beauté Cosmetics.


22 thoughts on “Easy Smokey Eyes

  1. lanie

    In fact, I think the model is very pretty. She has high cheekbones and and pretty eyes. She’s great in this video except that she’s chewing gums a little, but this didn’t bother me at all.

  2. Perla

    I enjoyed this tutorial. It was easy to follow instructions. And about the model, I didn’t even notice she was chewing gum.

  3. Perla

    I enjoyed this tutorial. It was easy to follow instructions. My comment on the model is that I thought she is beautiful and I didn’t even real notice her chewing gum ;)

  4. Nicole

    The model could have been eating a sloppy Joe sandwich and it still couldn’t have taken away from her beauty, hahahaha. I agree with you! The look was really pretty too. I like the greys. I have been doing makeup for so long, and I have never told any of my clients to sniff or inhale to prevent tears. I will try it though! Many tears fall down with a look like that, it is worth it though!
    Nicole Palermo

  5. Susanne

    This is AWESOME!!! I’ve been using this tutorial to help me apply my eye makeup for about a month now, using browns instead of grays because my complexion is different from the model’s complexion, and boy am I getting a lot of compliments! Thanks for posting this!

  6. Lily

    I love this tutorial. It’s very informative. I’ve been trying to find a way to do smokey eyes really easy and I think I found it.
    As for the model, I think she’s gorgeous and It doesn’t matter if she’s chewing gum or not. Focus on the makeup.

  7. Meg

    Oh, please! She wasn’t pretty at all, in fact she looked a bit annoyed and conceited. Gum chewing proves both of those points; love the makeup artist though. He was great and the tips are aweeeessooommmeee!

  8. kate

    good video I really needed the tips.. haha I didnt even notice the model chewing gum, i had to go back and watch it again..

  9. rachelll

    The model is beautiful.
    her cheeks bones and lips are amazing.
    but yes the gum was very distracting and unprofessional.

  10. Jennifer

    this looks like poop! its very pretty but it doesnt look like the real smokey eye we all love. the model is very gorgeous, and while i was in cosmetology school, i was taught that you or the client are not supposed to chew gum during the service! ;)

  11. Lillie

    I thought the tutorial was very accurate in the way it clearly stated all that you needed from the start. About the model.. i thought she was beautiful, heer cheek bones especially. the gum was slightly irratable though.

  12. K

    The model is beautiful, but chewing is unprofessional. But that’s not a big deal. What is a big deal is that the artist is HARSH on those delicate eyes! OUCH! Does he hate women?? lol


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