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For all of you free makeup sample fans out there, you know how difficult it can be to find free MAC Cosmetics samples. We haven’t seen an offer like this one in quite a while. The offer does require participation, but the reward is a makeup kit from MAC’s mineral makeup line, Mineralize. This line was launched in about 2008 and has taken the mineral makeup world by storm, becoming one of the most popular lines on the market. Plus, MAC is one of the most trusted brands in the cosmetics industry, so you can be confident knowing that the products are of the highest caliber.

If you are new to MAC’s mineral makeup products, here are overviews of a few of the more popular products in MAC Mineralize line.

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish has historically been one of the most popular products by MAC. It is a baked product meant to provide that last, finishing touch to your complexion, whether that be a hint of color, a slight glow, or a little bit of highlighting. These products typically been available only on a limited basis partly due to the difficulty of producing the product. MAC fans gobble these up quickly, and limited edition shades usually sell out in a blink. They are now a regular part of the Mineralize mineral makeup product line.

The MAC Mineralize Blushes are similar in texture to the Mineralize Skinfinishes. They provide a little sheen along with a gorgeous color payoff for the cheeks. They seem to last forever, as do all the baked Mineralize products.

The Mineralize Foundation is a richer cream formula which provides a buildable finish while maintaining a silky, non cakey feel. This product works well for all skin types, although we have heard reports of those with oily skin who report that this foundation might be better for normal to dry skin types. Either way, this product also features SPF 15 protection and skin-hydrating properties for all day comfort and wearability.

68 thoughts on “Free MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Makeup Kit

  1. Natalie

    I will like to try Mac mineral makeup. I always heard the its one of the best brands of makeup out their.

  2. stephenie perry

    I would be very excited to receive your Mac mineral makeup .I would definetly promote your cosmetics to my friends!

  3. Natasha

    Ive heard so many good reviews on MAC makeup. I have always wanted to try it , it is pricey so to have a free sample of it , will probably persuade me to dig into my pockets because it will be worth my money .

  4. claire

    I am getting married soon and I do not know what makeup to pick and I have heard Mac is really good – although it is expensive if i do not like it

  5. Megan

    I would really like to try these samples. they seem interesting, plus I’m in dire need of make up, I ran out of make up recently and I haven’t had the chance to get out and buy more make up.

  6. Turid

    Can you please tell me how i can get this free MAC kit?
    I really want to try it out.
    Hope to get an reply with details – how to sign up for testing the kit.

    Best regard`s: Turid.

  7. Holly

    I would love to try mac makeup ive never tried it before but have always wanted to i cant get to a store because its so far away and i love the website but cant order of it until my ID comes back and i can open a bank account would love to win this kit like would make my year, would be so happy and i would tell all my friends and promote the pants off it, all my friends in college used mac make up i was so gel would love this kit <3 xxxxxx

  8. Breean Messersmith

    I would LOVE a free sample of your makeup because of it’s price it’s hard to find and paying for school really breaks my bank so I hardly have any left to splurge on cosmetics.

  9. Leafo

    How do you get this kit???

    I’m 20 .. And with my college budget I don’t get to pay out on MAC makeup .. I’ve tried all the drug store, and am really on my way to move up .. It would be excellent to know it IS worth it.

  10. Steffanie

    I have always wanted to try Mac cosmetics but could never afford it. I would absolutely love to try this kit!!!!!

  11. Steph

    I have wanted to try MAC cosmetics. I haven’t worn makeup before and I have don’t have a sweet clue where to start,please help me!

  12. Amanda

    I would love to try this kit!! Ive always loved MAC cosmetics, i have never owned any myself because i could never afford to buy it, this would just make my summer!

  13. buddhika

    would love to try Mac Products and would highly appreciate if you could send this kit .. just wondering how do i get this kit?

  14. starr

    hi, i would also love to try the mineralize kit, im looking into adding it to my catalogue (i sell cosmetics) but i dont really want to spend that amount of money on something iv never tried! how do you win/apply for this?

  15. Lorrie

    Hello. I’d love to try this Mac offer, but how do u get it? I’ve read and re-read a dozen times but I don’t understand. Can someone help me pls! Thanks.

  16. Jeannie Garcia

    I am a 36 yrs old young lady who suffers with hyper pigmentation. I’ve bought just about every
    Makeup there is and was told by my cousin also had problems that I should try Mac. Based on the countless amount of time & money I’ve spent I would live to try some samples to see if Mac is for me.I would really like to find a product that could show my true beauty. Just let me know where to sign up.

  17. Jenifer

    I just got my first taste of MAC and I’m already hooked and wishing I could have bought more. Would love to try frfee samples of the Mineralize products, since I didn’t buy anything from this line yet.

  18. Precious

    I’m looking for a make up that i will use for the rest of my life, I’ve tried some and i was disappointed, I’m hoping that this product will help me gain my confidence while wearing it i love to try this kit of yours, hoping that i can receive a sample kit.. thank you very much.. =)

  19. zeiara

    Let me jus say I ABSOLUTELY love m.a.c lip gloss & lipstick but never tried
    The MAC concealed and that what I love to try for free before I purchase . Because you can practically say I live at MAC now! Please approve me!; )

  20. sidra

    i have never used a MAC product ..heard so much about it…may be coz of price.. FREE sample will force me shell out if its worth it…

  21. Ruslan

    I would love to try this. I’ve heard just so much about MAC. The price always put me off though. I didn’t want to buy something expensive and then not like it. Please let me know how I can get this sample.

  22. ella

    I love MAC this is my favorite make up brand, and I would like to try some free samples. Thanks MAC you’re the best.

  23. Erish

    Hi I am a fan/supporter, and would love to try more of MAC products.
    Could I get this, and any more samples you may have.

  24. macey

    Hello. I am interested in trying the samples for the mineral makeup kit. I have found a lot of drugstore products to be cakey and usually makes me break out. I would like to try a different venue and see if MAC is right for me and my skin. Thanks.

  25. Chelsea

    I would love to try this sample. MAC is my favorite make up brand but I have never tried this product so it would be nice to have to sample to test it out.

  26. Mary

    Mac Cosmetics has been in the industry for as long as they have, simply because they are the best! I would love and appreciate the chance to try this particular set of cosmetics out; I think they would make a dramatic improvement in my overall appearance!

  27. cecilia

    Mac is one of the BEST selling products in the U.S.&I would love and gladly be happy to be a Mac Cosmetics Lover (:

  28. Katie

    Hi I suffer from pigmentation and would love to try this. I live in Australia and is really hard to get MAC Products. I love their products and would love this sample.

  29. nicole

    i know this is from a while ago.. but are you still offering it? because i really want to try mineral makeup, and i love m.a.c

  30. MadonaDIVA

    I love Mac and so i wish to have some freebies and free samples so i could start my journey with my favorite MAC make up products, make up kits & hair gadgets then. I Love Mac!


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