MAC: A Tartan Tale Collection

Release Date: October 28, 2010

A Tartan Tale is part of MAC’s upcoming holiday collection. MAC is keeping the details under tight wraps but it looks like it’s going to be a pretty memorable release. The theme here is tartan plaid and the promotional materials feature a redheaded model decked out in red, green, and blue plaid. Hopefully MAC will incorporate this theme into the packaging since MAC tends to get creative with holiday packaging.

This collection will be divided into two mini-collections called Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Some of the product names have already been released. You can see the Scottish influence as you peruse the list. For example, a lipstick called Faerie Glen and a blush named My Highland Honey both call to mind the Scottish countryside.

The two blushes in this collection will complement fair skin nicely. Her Blooming Cheek is a very bright pink that gives a healthy flush to cheeks. My Highland Honey is a more subtle choice for those who want a honey-toned glow.

MAC Pigment fans will be thrilled to learn that MAC is also planning to release some new pigments with this collection. The Family Crest is a dark grey pigment packed with duochrome gold shimmer and Moonlight Night is a shimmery blackened green. There will also be a re-release of the Later pigment from Alice + Olivia.

There will be a few new Dazzleglass Creams released with this collection. Radiant Jewels and Passing Fancy are just a few of the new Dazzleglass Creams in store for A Tartan Tale. There will also be several new lipsticks. Details are still unknown but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities with names like Courting Lilac, Full Fuchsia, Deepest Wish, and Cut a Caper.

There is plenty of inspiration for makeup when you consider the emerald green countryside and the colorful tartan plaid kilts that are such an identifiable part of Scottish culture. This should be a fun collection and there is a good chance there will be plenty of offerings to suit fair-complected girls.

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