Bloomin’ Lashes

Release Date:
July 2002


    Boston Fern – Deep in the shade blue green
    Hocus Crocus – Pansied blue purple red duo-chrome
    Ivy Envy – Olive drab shimmered with gold
    Periwink-wink – True to iris blue
    Prim Rosy – Hothouse pink winked with blue
    Tiger Lily – Summer tinged tiger lily orange
    Twisted Tulip – Blackened plum red


    Hot Poppy – Burned out orange with gold shimmer
    Hyacinth – Morning glorious blue
    Minted – Vivid grown green with subtle shimmer
    Ms Petunia – Blushed rose with a shimmering pulse
    Ola Viola! – Mid-toned blued purple with a subtle shimmer
    Prunella – Blackened plum
    Rosemary & Thyme – Herbish shimmering olive gold

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