MAC: Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

Release Date:
January 8, 2009

MAC has really been giving out the gifts this holiday season with all of the new collections they’ve been putting out. January 8, 2009 there is another collection set to release and this one is huge! With this collection, there is definitely something for everyone because they have specially formatted shades to go with all colors of hair. The collection is appropriately called Brunette Blonde Redhead, but for all of you out there who follow MAC releases religiously, you will recognize the collection as one that originally was called Hair. Can we just say that we like the name they went with so much better than Hair. Anyhow, the collection offers personalized palettes to make and create whatever look you wish for.

Like I said, this collection is a big one. There is something for the eyes, cheeks, lips, skin, and even brow. In each of these venues, there are colors for Brunettes, Blondes, and Redheads. The funny thing is, I find myself feeling much like I did in kindergarten; I don’t want to color in the lines. I want to break the rules and try colors that weren’t necessarily designed for my hair color. I just might have to do it. I am not a redhead, but the colors for redheads are so enticing. I especially like the lipstick color Blowdry. It’s such a feminine color.

The collection also offers three all new brushes. Since they are brand new brushes, I am definitely intrigued and can’t wait to check them out more closely when released. The 214 Brush allegedly will become permanent at MAC stores.

I think the thing I especially like about this collection is how basic it is to match up colors with what works best with your look. For those of us who aren’t great at identifying what’s going to look best with our tone and hair color, we thank you MAC from the bottom of our hearts. There really are so many things offered in this collection I could probably go on forever, but I will spare you all and just list the full collection below.

All’s Fair (Blonde) – Light purple pink (Lustre)
B-Babe (Blonde) – Rich pink (Frost)
Blow Dry (Redhead) – Pink coral (Lustre)
Chignon (Brunette) – Red plum (Glaze)
Marquise d’ (Redhead) – Sandy cream peach (Lustre)
What A Do! (Brunette) – Neutral pink coral (Frost)

Live and Dye (Redhead) – Cool pink
Peroxide (Blonde) – White pink
Quick Tease (Brunette) – Red purple
Red Devil (Redhead) – Coral orange
Soft Wave (Brunette) – Tan bronze
Strawberry Blonde (Blonde) – Deep pink red

Deep Shade (Brunette) – Dusty blue (Frost)
Henna (Brunette) – Dark gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Femme-Fi (Brunette) – Frosty golden cream (Veluxe Pearl)
Flip (Redhead) – Bronze gold (Frost)
French Cuff (Redhead) – Burgundy purple (Lustre)
100 Strokes (Redhead) – Ice pink (Frost)
Pincurl (Blonde) – Dusty white (Frost)
Knight (Blonde) – Dark grey (Veluxe Pearl)
Top Knot (Blonde) – Deep black purple (Velvet)

Brow Set
Clear (Blonde) – Colour free
Girl Boy (Redhead) – Fawned over blondette
Show Off (Brunette) – Full-bodied brown

Eye Kohl
Phone Number (Blonde) – Smudgy charcoal
Smolder (Brunette) – Intense black
Teddy (Redhead) – Dark-eyed bronze

Mineralize Skinfinish
Blonde – Soft pink to rose degrade
Brunette – Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
Redhead – Gold to salmon pink degrade

165 Brush – Tapered cheek, highlight brush (LE)
214 Brush – Short shader brush (MAC stores only)
226 Brush – Small tapered blending brush (LE)

One thought on “MAC: Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection

  1. judy kavanagh

    Oct. 2, 2002

    Went into a Mac store at the Burlington Mall in MA, to buy some makeup and get one of my favorite lipstick colors – RAGE. I was told that this color has been discontinued. Why? I bought it frequently and can’t believe that Mac would discontinue such a pretty color.


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