MAC: Cham Pale Collection

Release Date: December 26, 2010

MAC’s new Cham Pale collection draws on flutes of crisp, bubbly champagne for its inspiration. Think of shimmering shades of beige, gold, lavender and pink and you won’t be too far off. After the bold, dark colors of the holidays, this collection- to be released December 26- offers a welcome contrast with its muted colors.

Perhaps the most coveted item in this collection is the Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad. This quad features some colors we’ve seen before such as Et Tu, Bouquet? from A Rose Romance and the MAC classics Brule and Retrospeck. These shades are combined with the new frosted silver Caviar Dreams to create a palette of complementary shades that work together to create subtle beauty on your eyelids.

MAC is listening to the demands of their loyal fans and releasing some new lipgelees with this collection. Lipgelees are popular for their light consistency and squeeze tube application. Of the three sparkly shades, Bubble Lounge is a real standout for its peachy-pink shimmer as well as its fun name. Luxure is a pink-white gloss that gives lips a pearlized look rather than relying on shimmer. Frosty lipsticks like the soft bronze shade Flustered are perfect alone for a muted look or for sheering out deeper shades.

There is a new product called Special Reserve Highlight Powder that adds a noticeable shimmer to skin that’s not too over-the-top. There is also a new skincare product called Complete Comfort Creme that uses botanical ingredients to help even out skin tone and add moisture. Kukui nut oil, wheat germ, and algae extracts are just a few of the ingredients in this dermatologist-tested lotion geared toward reducing redness and softening skin.

MAC is also adding lavender to some of its more popular products such as Fix+ and Lip Conditioner for Cham Pale. They are also releasing a limited edition lavender tinted lip conditioner for the occasion. The beige Calm Mode tinted lip conditioner is sure to satisfy fans of neutral lips. And it’s certainly worth mentioning that there are several very muted paint pots in this collection as well as a repromote of the ever-popular true black Feline Kohl Power. Cham Pale gives makeup fans something to look forward to after Christmas.

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