Color Theory 9 & 10

Release Date: February 2002

Color Theory 9

First Colour Rose – vivid hot pink with pearl
Iris Print – pastel frosted lavender
Halftone Blue – mid-tone sky blue with slight shimmer
Overtint Green – mint green with pearl
Quicktone Tan – neutral frosted champagne
Duraclear Yellow clean mid-tome yellow
Surprint Sepia – neutral brown coral with shimmer
Red Tone Brown – reddish wine
Lo-Density Brown – smoky brown with subtle shimmer

Color Theory 10

Lipglass Stain
Beta Brown – Neutral warm terra cotta brown
Chroma Camel – Soft warm beige with white shimmer
Digital Jade – Pastel aqua with gold shimmer
Electron Pink – Bright vivid pink
Filtered Yellow – Lemon yellow with white shimmer
Hi-Resin Rose – Mid-tone frosty pink with gold frost
Infra-red Wood – Mid-tone chocolate brown with gold frost
Pitter-Patter – Bluish lavender with white frost
Spectra Peach – Soft shimmer peach orange
Vivid Tone Velvet – Deep rich frosted lavender purple

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