Colour Scheme

Release Date:
February 2003


    Eye Shadow Colour Scheme 1 x4

      Mild Orange
      Stimulated Copper
      Studied Brown

    Eye Shadow Colour Scheme 2 x4

      Beauty Marked
      Decorator Pink

    Eye Shadow Colour Scheme 3 x4

      Excitable Yellow
      Semi-tone Greige
      Shaded Mint
      Sublimed Green


    Briefly Pink – Understated neutral pink cream
    Grape en Drape – Plushly multi-coloured glittered plum
    Incandescent Gold – Yellow varnish shot with gold and glitter
    Low Light Silver – Platinum blushed with icy pink
    Peach Complement – Soft-touch peach with multi-colour glitter
    Petulant Pink – Pink complemented by glittery gold
    Red Scheme – Highly pinked red with pearl
    Restrained Rust – Dirty pink dusted with shimmer
    Untempered Gold – Faint tinted peach glittered with gold

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