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Cream Colour Base is a multi-purpose MAC Cosmetics product for eyes, lips, cheeks and face. Cream Colour Base can be layered over foundation and other makeup products or used alone on bare skin. The unique formula gives you the option of achieving a sheer, glaze of color or a more intense dramatic look. Cream Colour Base has either a cream or frost finish. Cream Colour Base can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers. Please keep in mind that MAC recommends that the following shades not be used on lips: Dusk, Premeditated, Kool, and Slick.

Shade Finish Description Availability Collection Date Year
Air Force Blue PRO
Antiqued Gold PRO
Bamboo PRO
Bat Black PRO
Birchbark PRO
Black PRO
Bronze Frost Intense golden brown with shimmer / Deep metalized tan R Bronzploitation 5/? 1999
Brown PRO
Cooled Pink PRO
Dark Brown PRO
Devlish Orange PRO
Dusk Frost Muted taupe brown w/golden shimmer PRO
Fabulush Rock candy red with gold shimmer R
Fantastic Plastic LE/D
Fawntastic Frost Baby-faced beige R
Flaming Fuchsia PRO
Flighty LE/D
Fresco PRO
Fuchsia Perfect Frost Fuchsia-ristic lavender pink fabbed up w frost D
Hush Frost? Soft, pale peach with icy shimmer R Pure 3/? 1999
Improper Copper Frost Honest copper with gold R
Greensmoke PRO
Gold LE/D
Kool Pale muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl PRO Pure 3/? 1999
Luna Bright white with an icy shimmer R Pure 3/? 1999
Madly Magenta PRO
Midtone Sepia PRO
Movie Star Red PRO
Nude PRO
Ohhh ? Deep purple with subtle shimmer ? Time Rocker 8/? 1999
Orange PRO
Orange Alarm PRO
Pearl Frost Soft, pale gold with icy shimmer R
Pink PRO
Pink Shock PRO
Pleasureful LE/D
Plumed Violet PRO
Premeditated A deep, bright vivid blue red R
Red Clay PRO
Red Note LE/D
Reel Red PRO
Rich Coral PRO
Rich Spice PRO
Root Frost Reddish brown taupe w/ icy shimmer R
Salsabelle LE/D Salsabelle
Shell Soft, muted pinkish beige with shimmer R
Shiver LE/D
Sliver LE/D
Slammin’ ? Rich russet red embellished with bronze shimmer PRO Time Rocker 8/? 1999
Slick ? Greyed-blue with burnished yellow-gold shimmer LE/D Time Rocker 8/? 1999
Soft Rose PRO
Sundrenched LE/D Salsabelle
Tint Frost Soft peachy brown w/subtle shimmer / Soft muted mocha with a pale golden pearl R Pure 3/? 1999
Vintage Rose PRO
Virgin Isle Cream Vivid bright coral R
White PRO
Yellow Scream PRO

Review by sonia diana |Edit This
2007-01-27 23:31:46

i am in love with the cream color base. i use it almost all over. i use it on my eyes as a base for my eye shadow (and i must say that it is better than the shadestick) it doesn’t make your eye shadow look all thick on your eyes. i also use it as a lipstick and as a highlighter for my blush. i recommend this product to everyone!
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Review by Cateyz |Edit This

2008-01-02 12:29:11

I’m loving “Improper Copper!” If used as a layer under my actual eye color, it makes the color “POP” on my eyes! It’s a definite must have. You don’t need much. Just use a brush or my preference: a finger swipe….. First Layer: Eye Paint, Second Layer: Improper Copper, Third Layer: Whatever color I use for my lid.
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Review by gizelle |Edit This
2008-09-29 22:55:19

I just purchased the M.A.C’s cream colour base in Improper Copper today to use as a base for my eyeshadow but the slip of paper in the box says its not recommended for use on the eye area. That made me very paranoid to use it since that’s the sole purpose of my purchase. Is there any major health ossues as to why this particular color was listed?

Basic Tips for a Natural Eye Makeup Look

A natural eye makeup look is an important one to master. Many occasions call for subtle or natural looking makeup, from conservative business settings to an early morning dentist appointment. You want to look put together but don’t want it to be too obvious you are wearing makeup. Here are a few tips for giving your eyes some definition without looking like you tried too hard.

-Start with a base to neutralize any redness you may have in the eye area and to help your color last all day without creasing. Eye makeup products like MAC Bare Canvas Paint or Too Faced Shadow Insurance are perfect for prepping your lid for a neutral look.

-Swipe a soft neutral shade all over the lid. You can go with a beige, peach, or bone color depending on your skin tone. Matte shades or slightly shimmery ones such as MAC Grain are ideal choices.

-Apply a taupe or brown color in your crease using a rounded crease brush. Avoid red-based browns. A color like MAC Satin Taupe is flattering to most skin tones. After applying, use a blending brush to blend as much as possible so the color fades gradually.

Lady Vengeance accident
Creative Commons License photo credit: ?Debs?

-Use a pencil eye liner in a medium brown color. A soft pencil in a color similar to your lashes like Urban Decay Bourbon or MAC Teddy Eye Kohl gives you the most natural look. A gel liner like the soft shimmery brown MAC Ostentatious applied with a light hand can also look pretty and natural. Liquid liners should be avoided altogether.

-Curl your lashes and then apply one coat of mascara to the upper lashes only. Go with a brown mascara or dark brown if your hair is very dark. Black can look too harsh for natural makeup looks.

-Be sure to fill in your brows. This is an essential step for making your face look complete. Use a powder or soft pencil in a shade that is just slightly lighter than your natural brow color. Follow your natural arch and fill in the brows, being sure to blend well.

-A brow highlighter helps round out your look. A neutral shadow such as MAC Vanilla applied to the brow bone just under the brows adds a little highlight/definition without adding color.

It is very easy to get a natural eye makeup look with the right makeup products and a little bit of practice. After a few tries, achieving this look will become just as effortless as it appears!

How to Apply Eyeshadow

[See the rest of our How to Apply Makeup series for beginners.]

Eyeshadow is a great way to emphasize your eyes and create some really pretty looks. Most shadows come in powder format in little pots without any instructions. With so many different colors and brushes, it can be difficult to know where to start when applying eyeshadow. Since this “how-to” is part of our beginner’s How to Apply Makeup series, this is a basic routine for an everyday eyeshadow look. We have instructions on more advanced looks on our eye makeup page.

1. You will need a minimum of three colors to achieve a pretty eyeshadow look. Choose three shades in the same color family: one very sheer, one with a medium tone, and one dark color.

MAC Neutrals
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jacklyn DL

2. Begin with the sheer shade. This will be used as a wash over the entire eyelid. Neutrals are best for this purpose. Sweep the color over the entire eyelid all the way to your brows using a flat eyeshadow brush.

3. Next use the medium shade. Apply it only to the lid using a tapered brush and stop when you reach the crease. This color should fill the space between your lash line and the crease.

4. Finally, use the darkest color. This color should be applied sparingly. Remember, you can always add more but if you start out with too much, your look will be ruined. Using an angled brush, apply this color into the crease and then extend it slightly past the outer corner of your eye using a light sweeping motion.

5. Blend, blend, and blend some more. This is the most important step to achieving a natural look. Use a big, soft blending brush and brush in an outward motion from the inside corner toward the outside corner of each eye.

6. To tie the whole look together, you can take the darkest color and use it to line your lower lash line. A wet eyeliner brush can transform dark eyeshadow into a great eyeliner.

MAC: Pure Collection

Release Date: March 1999

MAC’s Pure Collection presents some gorgeous, ethereal-like shades that seem to reflect the delicate chill of early Spring – perfect for a March limited edition collection release.

This collection will be available while supplies last. But don’t fret; some of the shades are permanent shades in the MAC Cosmetics regularly available shade list. Hush and Vex eyeshadow will be available in the future, so don’t stress it when considering whether to purchase these colors.

Speaking of Hush, this eyeshadow is a gorgeous option to use a highlight color for any eye makeup look using cool colors. Hush is a soft, pinky peach shade. To me, it looks mostly like a frosty pale pink with a bit of added warmth to it (it leans more to the pinky peach side as opposed to the pinky purplish side like many other pale pink shades). I like to use Hush as my final eyeshadow color just below the brow to highlight the brow bone. I also blend in a little in the middle of my eyelid after I’ve applied my other eyeshadow shades. This gives a nice sheen to my look and acts as a highlighter for areas where I want light to reflect. The shade has a frost finish, so in my opinion, you don’t want to over do it with this shade. A little goes a long way.

The same can be said for the Cream Colour Base in Hush. It makes an excellent facial highlighter. In face, all of the Cream Color Bases from Pure are excellent choices if you want to create an iridescent sheen finish for your skin.

With gentle overlays of frost, sheer washes of cold color, iridescent glows, the palest of pastels and winter-turned-spring veils of color, this MAC collection captures the essence of any early Spring chill. The entire collection is gorgeous and perfectly on trend for the upcoming 1999 Spring season.


Gliss – Golden peach glaze
Hue – Pale sheer and soft pink
Hush – Pale sheer peach
Isis – Cool taupe glaze with an overcast of silver and aqua
Kool – Pale sheer lavender
Ozone – Pale silver-white glaze


Chill – Luminous satin cool white
Hush – Pale peach frost with pearl
Krisp – Pale luminous frost cool white
Vex – Pale green and greyed frost with pearl


Hush – Pale peach frost
Kool – Pale muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl
Luna – Pale luminous cool frosted white
Tint – Soft muted mocha with a pale golden pearl


Gloss – Gloss nail lacquer is made to match Gloss Lipstick
Hush – Hush nail lacquer is made to match Hush Eyeshadow and Cream Colour Base
Kool – Lavender mauve shade made to match Kool Cream Colour Base
Ozone – Silvery white. Created to match Ozone Lipstick