MAC: Dame Edna Collection

Release Date:
December 26th, 2008

Hi Beauties! MAC has a lot going on this Holiday Season. Among the collections coming out is the Dame Edna collection, inspired by the alter ego Dame Edna herself. Like Dame Edna, this collection seems to be just as bold and eccentric. The colors are heavily based in blues and sparkly finishes. While I do enjoy a nice shimmer to my makeup, I am not sure that this collection is speaking to me very much when it comes to the eye shadows. Of all of the makeup colors, I think I like the Splendid lipgloss the best.

The most appealing thing to me about the collection is the packaging. Once again, MAC delivers creative and entertaining packaging. If you were carrying around a lipstick from the Dame Edna collection, there’d be no mistaking it. The bluish-purple base color is accented with stars all over. The coup de grace is the signature red diamond encrusted pointy glasses that adorn each item. The packaging really does grab your eye and it seems to stay true to the Dame herself.

The collection is complete with nail polish, powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. Each item is imaginatively named appropriately reflecting some aspect of the notorious Dame Edna persona known for humor and entertainment around the world. I have listed what is believed to be in the complete line. If anything is added, I’ll be sure to update the list. The collection will be launching the day after Christmas!

Royal Tour Eye Shadow Trio
• Climate Blue: Shimmery purple-blue
• Dame’s Desire: Frosty pale purple
• Royal Tour: Shimmery cool purple

Wisteria Eye Shadow Trio
• Divine Night: Frosty charcoal
• Fireshine: Frosty silver
• Wisteria: Frosty pale Tiffany blue

• Coral Polyp: Creamy bright orange-coral
• Gladiola: Matte blue-pink
• Kanga Rouge: Creamy blue-red

• Hot Frost: Shimmery blue-pink
• Possum Nose: Bright red-coral
• Splendid: Pale pink-coral

• Spectacle!: Matte pale pink
• What a Dame!: Matte pale peach

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