MAC: Digi-Dazzle Collection

Release Date: July 15, 2010 (Nordstrom and The Bay)

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Collection

MAC Cosmetics Digi-Dazzle Collection

We took out the razzle, kept the dazzle, and added a hint of glee! Thirteen colours to astonish, awe and electrify the lippiest critic. A limited-edition collection that makes boredom and predictability a thing of the past. What modern lips do best: Digi-Dazzle. Do you compute?

Digi Dazzle Brush Browser

The MAC Digi Pops Brush Browser collection is made up of two well-rounded brush kits that put some of MAC’s past brush kits to shame. These kits feature a few of MAC’s most useful brushes beautifully packaged in a black MAC brush roll with white details. MAC brushes have a great reputation thanks to their high quality bristles and great design, but they do command a high price tag. These Brush Browser sets are a great way to get a few MAC brushes at a slightly lower price. After all, a good set of brushes can make even the cheapest makeup look fantastic.

4 Face Brushes Apply + Blend set contains four of MAC’s top face brushes with special edition shorter handles for easier transport and storage. Perhaps one of the most indispensable brushes in any collection is the concealer brush since concealer is generally applied to very small areas. The 194SE concealer brush in this set is the perfect brush for precise concealer application thanks to its tapered bristles. The 168SE is a large angled contour brush that is mainly designed for contouring but it’s also great for applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter. MAC’s stippling brush, the 187SE, is also included. This is a very soft brush that is ideal for applying heavily pigmented blushes. This kit also has a brush specifically designed for foundation, the 190SE. This is MAC’s traditional foundation brush that is very durable and designed to distribute foundation evenly without streaking.

5 Eye Brushes Apply, Define, + Line puts all the tools needed to create any eye look imaginable together in one place. Among the best brushes in this kit are the 212 flat eyeliner brush which creates a very precise line and the 266 small angle brush that gives gel eyeliner and brow powder applications a professional look.

The Brush Browser sets are a convenient way to snap up some of MAC’s best brushes whether you are just starting out with good brushes or looking for backups or replacements. MAC brushes have a stellar reputation among makeup artists and these kits put their brushes in the reach of even those of us who can’t use makeup brushes as a tax write-off.

Digi Dazzle Lip Server

MAC Digi Pops Lip Server is the collection frosty lip lovers have been waiting for. Lip Server is chock full of frosty lipsticks and lip glosses to help give your lips a shimmery effect. Even better, the colors are suitable for any season.

The frost in the new Dazzle lipsticks in Lip Server is more multidimensional than the frost in traditional lipsticks which makes the lips appear slightly fuller. Many frosty lipsticks tend to dry out the lips but these are actually quite moisturizing. MAC has succeeded in offering a good variety of lip colors in Lip Server from baby pinks and neutrals to deep reds and browns. Pink lipstick fans will flock toward Troublemaker, a berry pink that instantly brightens the face. Baby’s on Fire is the color of choice for red lipstick wearers. Frosty deep reds can look over the top but MAC got the balance right with this shimmery brick red shade. It definitely stands on its own and doesn’t need any lip gloss on top. Hot Sass makes you stop and take a closer look, which is something that doesn’t happen often when it comes to lipstick shades. At first glance, it’s very orange, but then the flash of pink jumps out at you and makes you think, “I might be able to get away with that color! I wonder how it looks on me…” It’s something really different that may surprise you after trying it on.

No lipstick collection would be complete without lip glosses to polish off the look. Digi Pops serves up seven Dazzleglasses and they’re all limited editions. You may already be familiar with the repromoted raspberry Spanking Rich and the orange Utterly Posh, but there are a few new shades worth nothing. Spanking Rich is a shimmery magenta with a hint of glitter that is great for medium skin tones. Hi-Falutin’ perks up a boring neutral pink (think 2N gloss from the N collection) with subtle shimmer.

Digi Dazzle iPalette

The Digi Pops iPalette collection offers MAC fans a chance to create their own palettes. One problem many eye shadow aficionados face is a drawer full of eye shadow pots that can be difficult to sort through and find colors that go together. MAC offers the perfect solution to this quandary with Digipops iPalette.

With this collection, MAC has pulled out a number of permanent eye shadow shades in the pan for easy palette placement. The fun part is choosing which colors to put together in your palette. If you’re not sure which colors pair well, MAC makeup artists will be happy to advise you on flattering combinations. There are plenty of shades to choose from including some of MAC’s most popular colors.

Retrospeck is a slightly shimmery champagne shade that is perfect for an everyday lid wash and looks especially nice with browns. Expensive Pink is a golden pink that is perfect for the lids or highlighting the outer V. Satin Taupe is one of those universally flattering crease colors that would be at home in any palette. It’s the perfect blend of grey and brown that makes it suitable for creating smoky nighttime eye looks and neutral work day eyes as well. It is versatile enough to be paired with browns, purples, greens, golds, and even pinks. If you want to add some color to your lids, Parfair Amour is a great blue-based purple that is flattering to every eye color and not nearly as bright when applied as it looks in the pan.

Digipops iPalette lets you create your own eye look and have all of your shadows together in one place . You can just pull out your palette and apply the colors without having to think too hard about what goes together or rifling through your makeup drawer to find the right shade.

Digi-Pops: Lip Server

Dazzle Lipstick ($14.00 U.S . / $16.50 CDN)

* Liquid Lurex Tarnished golden (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Smash Hit White beige (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Infused with Glam Copper brown (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Wham Plum brown (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Glaringly Hip Light Peach (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Sweet Bits Light lavender pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Hot Sass Bright orange (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Win-Win Light pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Naughty You Neon Pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Troublemaker Magenta (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Snazzy Deep plum (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Hellraiser Light lavender (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Baby’s On Fire Deep Red (Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Dazzleglass ($18.50 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

* Glamour OD Bright Coral Red (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
* Spanking Rich Raspberry Pink (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
* Boys Go Crazy Deep amthyst (Frost) (Limited Edition)
* Fabulous Fun Rich magenta (Frost) (Limited Edition)
* Hi-Falutin’ Light yellow pink (Frost) (Limited Edition)
* You Got the Look Yellow nectarine (Frost) (Limited Edition)
* Utterly Posh Mid-tone orange (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

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