MAC Cosmetics Discounts, Bulk & Wholesale

MAC Cosmetics products are quite affordably priced considering their superior quality to other similarly-priced brands. However, as most of us “MAC Junkies” know, costs can still add up! Many people often ask about options for purchasing MAC products at discounted prices, in bulk amounts or at wholesale prices. So, we have compiled the options as well as some helpful tips to help you handle makeup costs:

  • Become a MAC PRO member and enjoy a product discount. Makeup artists receive 40% off MAC products, whereas Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists, Nail Technicians, Costume Designers, Models, On-Air Talent/Performers, and Photographers all receive a 30% discount. PRO members also enjoy other benefits such as free online shipping, workshops, classes, etc. You must first apply and be qualified to become a member. Upon becoming a MAC PRO member, MAC will give you a MAC PRO card that must be presented at time of purchase. You can use your MAC PRO discount in stores or at MAC PRO online.
  • Buy MAC Eyeshadow, MAC Powder Blush and MAC Blushcreme in pan form instead of pot form. The pans are cheaper (about $9.00 vs. the regular price of $14.00) and can be combined and placed in empty MAC palettes (available at MAC Pro stores). Makeup artists use these empty palettes or even their own magnetic boards to organize their MAC Eyeshadows and MAC Blushes. This helps to keep all of their MAC products right in front of them and helps keep them ready to transport when they are on the job! (If you want your current potted eyeshadows converted to pan form, you can “de-pot” them! Check out this awesome depotting tutorial to help you de-pot your MAC eyeshadows and blushes.)
  • Also, keep an eye on online resellers such as eBay. You can often find MAC products at discounted prices. In addition, you may also be able to find rare and discontinued products as well. However, please be sure to research the seller and make sure they are legit! A lot of people try to sell products that aren’t authentic… so be smart.

11 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Discounts, Bulk & Wholesale

    1. deshonda

      i currently work for MAC and if you go to their website at MACCOSMETICS.COM, you will see where you can download an application to become a MAC Pro customer. the discount is 40% for professionals and 30 % for students in the cosmetology field. all you will need to send in is a copy of a valid cosmetology license and your buisness card :). great face painting

  1. Tina Reynolds

    I am a makeup artist who worked for the Clarins company 4+yrs and now free lance for various companies. I have always used Mac products, which is not sold in our city of Sarnia, Ontario. I am conteplating of doing makeup on my own using MAC products which is costly> I would like the discount that is offered for makeup artists. Please reply

    1. lexus

      hello this is to your question on the mac discount post Makeup artist get 40% off all mac products but only at mac and mac pro stores, not the counter stores in dept stores. go to to download an application membership cost $35. a year. i hope this helps

  2. chris

    My girlfriend just had her entire cosmetics system stolen and I would like to replace it for her! Is there a MAC personal use discount I may not be aware of or am not seeing on this site? Any help would be greatly appreciated for an obviously large unexpected purchase on my behalf!

  3. yadira

    i love mac make-up. not only do i wear it but i do make up for speacial occasions and would love to know the better pricing on the make up.


    Am interest in beauty cosmetics but it should be branded like MAC,
    but am looking for a real wholesale price , if u can send me price list for products u have for this brand or any other brand,
    with some pictures.
    Appreciate your quick reply.

    please reply to


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