Femme Noir 1 & 2

Release Date: August 2003

Femme Noir 1

Discrete – Naturally greiged pearl
Femme Noir – Smoke-filled green
Intoxicate – Kiss-me darkly plum
Kid – Softly tanned peach
Nocturnelle – Pinked-up chrome purple
Snappy – Gingered copper

Destined – dangerously rich chocolate
Lovedust – Gold-pearled beige
Mauvellous! – Violet-charged pink
Mlle – Pillow talk pink
Odyssey – Spiked-up plum
Underplay – Delicate peach caramel

Gaze – Gold-fizzed raspberry
Secretive – Clandestine grape
Supreme – Sparkling champagne toast
Womanly – barely bronzed ivory

Cream Color Base
Fawntastic – Baby-face beige
Flightly – Mauve-dusted plum

Nail Lacquer
Barest – X-rated beige
Cunning – Viperous green
Ohm – Back-room burgundy

Femme Noir 2

Lip Pencil
Plum – Potent reddened plum
Spice – Pink cinnamon stickS
tripdown – Naked nutmeg

Eye Kohl
Prunella – Shimmering black-eyed plum
Teddy – Dark-eyed bronze
Tarnish – Twinkled black forest green

Pro Lash
Coal Black – Honest-to-goodness black

Eye Brows
Flatter – Dirty blonde
Spiked – Bottle brunette
Velvetone – Film noir black

Brow Set
Clear – Colour-free
Dressed – Hot-tempered auburn
Girl Boy – Fawned-over blondette

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