MAC: Flashtronic Collection

Release Date: July 19, 2007
(International release date is August 6, 2007)

Mineralize Eye Shadow

Quarry Sky – Blue with olive, coral, and beige veining (frost) LE
By Jupiter – Light taupe with beige and deep brown veining (frost) LE
Mercurial – Yellow gold with lilac and chestnut veining (frost) LE
Lovestone – Raspberry with wine and copper veining (frost) LE
Tectonic – Yellow gold with lime green, warm brown, and black veining (frost) LE
Ether – Deep aqua with silver, black, and gold veining (frost) LE


Electro-Lush – Creamy blue pink (cream) LE
Flashtronic – Caramel bronze with subtle gold pearl (cream) LE
Perfectly Pink – Creamy mid-tone pink (cream) LE
Young Spark – Neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (cream) LE

Mineralize Skinfinish

Gold Spill – Pink peach with warm brown and cream pearl LE
Global Glow – Mid-tone brown with gold pearl LE
Northern Light – Creamy mid-tone pink (cream) LE

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