Release Date: October 2003

Eye Shadow
Crimsonette – deep frosted plum
Sweeten Up – frosted coral-gold
Phloof! – frosted off-white
Stroke of Midnight – deep frosted denim blue

Neon 60’s – neon pink with a lavender-green flash
Rocking Orange – neon orange

Glitter Cream
Shimmerene – beige-gold shimmer
Iridescent Pressed Powder
Star! – peach-gold shimmer

Razzamatazzle – highly frosted soft pink
Gigglefest – highly frosted soft coral
Holidazzle – neon fuchsia pink
Oceanberry – juiced rich beach berry
Lam̩ Рmuted pink with golden shimmer

Bliss Me – pearl mauve w/ multi colored glitter
Zazoom – bright pink w/ multi colored glitter
Sizzlepeach – bright peach w/ multi colored glitter
Joyberry – burgundy

Lip Pencil
Spice – pink cinnamon stick

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