Release Date:
April 2000

This refreshingly juicy collection featured vibrant, fresh-squeezed shades:


    Humid – Deep moss green infused with metallic pearlescence (frost)
    Juiced – Orange-gold sowed with a pink-gold pearlescence (velvet)
    Mulch – Wood brown sowed with a gold-bronze shimmer (velvet)
    Shroom – Pale beige infused with a subtle opalescence (satin)
    Sprout – Vivid yellow-green in metallic iridescence (frost)


    Guavarine – Brilliant, citrus-gold (glaze)
    Huetopia – Vivid, coral-orange (sheer)
    Jungle Juice – Deep, muted grape (sheer)
    Love Dust – Opaque rose-beige enhanced with a pale gold dusting (matte)
    Spanish Fly – Warm brown overlaid with a silver-green iridescence (frost)


    Succulent – Neo-bright blood orange (gloss)
    Squirt – Neo-bright lime (gloss)


    Polyaster – Vibrant red-orange (cream)
    Psychodahlia – Ripe violet

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