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MAC: Peacocky Collection

Release Date: January 6th, 2011
International: February, 2011

We fetishize the exotic peacock as a symbol of extreme beauty, raging against everything simplistic. New Kissable Lipcolour combines full flash with creamy comfort. Mega Metal Shadow gleams like chrome – yet is creamy, crease-resistant, with vitamin-fortified flexibility. Dramatic doesn’t begin to begin to describe the girl who knows she’s Peacocky.

Spring isn’t quite here yet, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from flaunting our beauty with a little help from the MAC Peacocky collection. I love the imagery of the collection name. Peacocks are beautiful and bold. They know what they want, but they don’t chase after it. They make what they want come to them simply by displaying their beauty.

MAC’s Peacocky Collection offers two limited edition products, Kissable Lipcolour and Mega Metal Shadow. The eyes and the lips are my two favorite features to enhance and MAC seems to help us all do it so well. I do wish this collection included a brush or two for application of the Mega Metal Shadow. Any time there is a new eye product, I am never quite sure which brush will work best. I guess experimentation is the way to go.

The shadow appears to be a powder, but with a texture that is creamy and smooth so you don’t see creases. I am curious to know if it is truly crease-resistant and what the texture of the Mega Metal Shadow is overall. Another thing to note is that the Mega Metal Shadows come with more product, containing .11 oz. The regular eye shadows MAC offers contain .5 oz. The Mega Metal shadow is more expensive than the eye shadows, but it’s not even double the price and you are getting more than double the amount of product.

The Kissable Lipcolour looks interesting as well. Anything with the word kissable in the title tends to intrigue me. They are all vanilla scented which is one of my favorite scents. So for me, that is another plus. The product is supposed to go on with the ease of a lipgloss, but have the finish and strength of a creamy rich lipstick.

I tend to buy lipgloss more often than lipstick because I like the application process better so I am excited to try this product. There are definitely those times that you want the finish look of a lipstick. I often feel more like a flirty little girl with lipgloss, but lipstick makes me feel like I am ready to do business in the boardroom. If this product can offer me both feelings, I will be sold.

I am most intrigued by the Kissable Lipcolour Vanity Fair. I am not sure if I will actually like it, but I am curious to know how a color can be a midtone blue pink. I don’t usually wear blue on my lips, but I do usually wear pinks so I want to know what this color will look like on. We all know that not every color looks the same on everyone. What are the colors you want to see on you?

If you are in the mood to treat your eyes and your lips to a little something new this winter, check out the full list of products included in the Peacocky Collection.

Kissable Lipcolour

Enchantee – light blue pink (Limited Edition)
Exxxhibitionist – redtoned coral (Limited Edition)
Flaunting it – grey mauve (Limited Edition)
Love peck – blackened blood red (Limited Edition)
Peacocky – sky blue with red pearlized pigments, (Limited Edition)
Scandelicious – blue fuchsia (Limited Edition)
So vain – muted midtone coral, (Limited Edition)
Strut your stuff – bright rue red (Limited Edition)
Super – muted neutral brown (Limited Edition)
Temper tantra – midtone reddish brown (Limited Edition)
Vanity fair – midtone blue pink (Limited Edition)
Woo me – light pinky nude (Limited Edition)

Mega Metal Shadow

Centre stage – frosted chocolate brown (Limited Edition)
Dalliance – light champagne (Limited Edition)
Dandizette – navy with silver pearlized pigments (Limited Edition)
Ego – forest green (Limited Edition)
Mating call – midtone frosted violet (Limited Edition)
Noir plum – true purple with silver pearlized pigments (Limited Edition)
Odalisque – deep teal (Limited Edition)
Paparazzi – she-deep copper bronze (Limited Edition)
Peek-at you – frosted yellow white (Limited Edition)
Prance – frosted mauve pearl (Limited Edition)
Top of the posh – frosted white pink (Limited Edition)
Tweet me – gold bronze (Limited Edition)
Sexpectations – metallic burgandy (Limited Edition)
Spectacle of yourself – deep bronze (Limited Edition)
Unflappable – frosted black with purple pearlized pigments (Limited Edition)