MAC: Lash and Dash Collection

Release Date: December 26th, 2008

MAC’s Lash and Dash collection is set to release on December 26th. This collection was formerly known as “Lash Sidebar”, but is officially launching with the name Lash and Dash. After seeing pictures of the lashes, I already know where some of my Christmas money will be spent! (Sigh..)

There is nothing like full, thick lashes to give personality to your eyes and really make them pop. With MAC’s Lash and Dash collection, there is something for everyone with options ranging from the natural lash look to the dramatic vampy look. Even if you don’t usually wear lash embellishments, once you see them, you will want to try them. These are going to be perfect for all those upcoming New Years Parties! :)

The collection contains six different kinds of lashes including two new introductions, 42 Lash and Blinking Cool!. 42 Lash has a design that is a dramatic diagonal edgy appearance for those interested in a harder theatrical look. The Blinking Cool! Lash is more delicate but still striking with lots of curl for a combination of flirtation and innocence. I think Blinking Cool! Will be a lot of fun, but I might just get the 7 Lash. Whatever your chosen style is, these lashes look like they will leave an impression.

The six brushes that are included in the collection are listed below. If we learn of any updates, we’ll be sure to let you know! Each set of lashes costs $12.00USD.

#2 Lash – Long and wispy. (Permanent)
#6 Lash – Long, full, spiky. (Permanent)
#7 Lash – Natural-style length. (Permanent)
#36 Lash – This full lash creates a naturally dramatic look. These are formerly known as the ‘Sultress Lash’ from the Icon: Racquel Collection. (Permanent)
#42 Lash – Set of synthetic hair lashes specifically fashioned for style and drama. Impeccably dense at the lash line, gradually lengthens into uneven array or wisps and clusters. (Limited Edition)
Blinking Cool! – A high style of set of natural lashes combing length and intensity with a lightly flirtatious non-conformist look. Lashes overlap and fan out to provide a flattering luxe-and-lush fringe. (Limited Edition)

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