MAC: Lashes Collection

MAC launched 11 brand new styles just in time for all our upcoming fall and winter holiday parties! :) The great thing is that these lashes are softer and more natural looking, which means that we may just use them for more than just our halloween costumes. ;) Learn how to apply false eyelashes flawlessly.

M·A·C Lashes go modern with the launch of 11 new styles and a fresh focus on this essential pro beauty accessory. Designed to take the “fake” out, these are lashes that emulate the “real.” Available in a range of styles. Don’t fake it: M·A·C Lash it!

The numbers of the newly launched lashes included the following:

1 Lash
2 Lash
3 Lash
4 Lash
6 Lash
7 Lash
20 Lash
21 Lash
30 Lash
31 Lash
32 Lash
33 Lash
34 Lash
35 Lash
36 Lash
37 Lash
38 Lash
39 Lash
40 Lash

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