MAC: Lightful Collection

Release Date: July 30, 2009

“INNER” GLOW IS OVERRATED! M·A·C revivifies the look and luminescence of our high-beam brightening skincare formulations, using our own exclusively developed Charged Water technology – boosted beyond breakthrough this season with the new infusion of red tourmaline and silk, to shift skin’s receptivity, shake up its energy level.

Mousse it up and see triple-activate brightening with green tea anti-free-radical extract, vitamin C brightening prowess, tuberose protection from dehydration. Science trumps style…Beauty and the Geek go all the way! NEW POWER, PALE, PRETTY NEW PACKAGING, A NEW LIGHT ON BRIGHT!

Lightful is a new skincare line from MAC that focuses on brightening the skin. Originally aimed at the Asian market, it is now available on the MAC website for anyone who wants to benefit from the lightening and brightening qualities of these products.

The Lightful Ultramoisture Creme is a lightweight moisturizer that is almost like a gel. It is very hydrating without being greasy. It can be used at night or during the day under makeup. In fact, it is perfect for priming your face before applying foundation because it helps eliminate dry patches.

Lightful Foaming Cream Cleanser

The Lightful Cleanser is a very gentle face wash that somehow manages to wash off all your makeup without being harsh or drying. It actually leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and looking a little glowy. MAC really got it right with this cleanser. Although it’s very expensive compared to drugstore face washes, you really only need a tiny amount so it should last for a long time.

Lightful Charged Essence

Lightful Essence is a very light liquid that helps plump your skin. It doesn’t really seem to do too much in the way of brightening or lightening, but it does help seal in moisture and make your skin tone more even. I think this is one to skip because it really doesn’t do much.

Lightful Softening Lotion

Lightful Softening Lotion is like a toner in the sense that it leaves skin feeling fresh and helps to even out your skin. It contains Vitamin C, which helps to lighten dark spots over time and give the skin a little glow. It also has a very fresh scent.

This is a small collection that is perfect for anyone looking for a brighter complexion. There are a few duds here, but the cleanser in particular does a great job and is definitely worth a try.

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