Lustre Lust

Release Date:
April 2003


    Charismatic – Terracotta dipped in gold
    Capricious – Fanciful rose plum
    Desire – Warmed burgundy wine
    Giddy – Lighted pink shimmered with gold
    Honeyflower – Sticky bun brown
    Jest – Pink glazed with golden coral
    Jubilee – Nudie beige pink
    Pretty Please – Pearled pale pink
    Sheer Plum – Roughed chocolate
    Sophisto – Dewy plum rose splashed subtly with gold
    Sweetie – Fluffy tome pink
    Touch – Peachy cinnamon


    Chicory – Soft muted peachy brown
    Cranberry – Soft rosy pink
    Mahogany – Intense reddish brown
    Oak – Soft beige brown
    Plum – Muted brownish plum
    Quartz – Pinkish plum
    Spice – Muted pinkish brown

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