Metal X

Release Date:
November 21, 2007

The Metal X Collection will be released on November 21, 2007! It will contain nine Metal X Eyeshadows and five Glitter Eye Liners. If you’ve been waiting for MAC to release more glitter liners, then you’re in luck! The Metal X Eyeshadows look really cool. They are creamy eyeshadows with a cold, metallic finish. See pictures of the collection below.

METAL X EYESHADOW (A cream eyeshadow)

    6th Sin – Forest green w/silver pearlized pigments
    Cyber – Metallic silver w/silver pearlized pigments
    Fusion Gold – Light pinky beige w/gold pearlized pigments
    Goldspice – Metallic coppery gold
    Metalblu – Navy blue w/silver pearlized pigments
    Pink Ingot – Mid-tone blue-pink w/gold pearlized pigments
    Plum Electric – Deep purple w/red pearlized pigments
    Pure Ore – Metallic green gold
    Virgin Silver – White w/silver pearlized pigments


    Blitzed – Yellow gold w/multicolour glitter
    Enbronze – Deep brown w/multicolour glitter
    Lime dandy – Mid-tone yellowgreen w/multicolour glitter
    Pewterpink – Blue purple w/multicolour glitter
    Wonderwhite – Silver white w/multicolour glitter

Here are pics of the collection:

Metal X Store Display: Metal X Store Display

Metal X Glitter Eye Liners – Lime Dandy, Wonderwhite, Pewterpink, Blitzed and Enbronze (Left to Right):Metal X Glitter Eye Liners: Lime Dandy, Wonderwhite, Pewterpink, Blitzed and Enbronze (Left to Right)

Metal X Eyeshadows

MAC Metal X Eyeshadows

Metal X Eyeshadows (Closeup) Metalblu, Cyber and Goldspice (Left to Right):

Metal X Eyeshadows: Metalblu, Cyber and Goldspice (Left to Right)

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