Mix n Match

Release Date:
April 2002


    Adobe Girl – Creamy coral red
    Jumbled – Mid-toned coffee with subtle shimmer
    Juxtarose – Mid-toned rose plum
    Klish-Klash – Muted pale peach
    Mischievous – Rich metallic yellow gold
    Pink-a-Dot – Lavender pink with subtle shimmer
    Tone-Tone – Creamy mid-tone camel
    Tongue-in-Chic – Pale pink with red shimmer
    Varneesh – Soft muted peachy pink bronze with pink shimmer
    Zig Zag – Intense greyed violet


Girlfriend – Soft pastel pink
Hodge Podge – Mid-toned taupe brown
Stripdown – Soft muted golden brown
Slightly Off – Pale pastel pink
Test Pattern – Neutral pink taupe

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