MAC: Moisturelush Collection

Release Date:
December 26, 2007

This upcoming MAC Cosmetics collection will feature two new skincare products: Moisturelush Cream and Moisturelush Eye Cream. These two new products are suitable for all skin types, but look to be simply ideal for those of us who have extremely dry skin. And since, yes, that would describe ME, I’m unbelievably excited for this release! ;) I can’t wait! Read more about each product:


Moisturelush Cream is a thicker face cream that should provide ultimate hydration for dry skin – it looks to be a lifesaver for dry skin types. It calms your skin, prepares your skin for makeup application and provides antioxidant protection. It is a rich, lush, lasting moisturizer.

The formula is non-acnegenic, and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. It contains oryzanol and other antioxidants which protect your skin from environmental damage. Moisturelush Cream also contains caffeine, an anti-irritant, which makes the formula extremely smooth, comfortable and wearable. The formula also contains barley extract, wheat germ extract, cholesterol and linoleic acid which maintain your skin’s lipid barrier to ensure soft, supple skin.


Like the Moisturelush Cream, this eye cream is a super-hydrating, long lasting moisturizer. The rich, soothing formula does just about everything! Moisturelush Eye Cream contains yeast extract, which really helps to de-puff. It also contains additional agents and special botanicals which provide that needed lifting and firming for the delicate skin around your eyes. The formula contains a vitamin E derivative and antioxidant, to help protect against damage, as well as Sucrose, an anti-irritant, to help calm your skin and provide superb wearability. And finally, special luminous optical diffusers minimize the appearance of dark under-eye circles, lines, wrinkles and other imperfections, all while providing your skin with added radiance. It makes your skin brighter, tighter, smoother and healthier! Like the Moisturelush Cream, Moisturelush Eye Cream is non-acnegenic, and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Wow! This little product has a LOT to offer!

UPDATE: Thanks to BeautyBlitz, we were able to find prices on these upcoming products! The Moisturelush Cream will be $29.50 USD, and the Moisturelush Eye Cream will be $28.50 USD.

Moisturelush Cream and Moisturelush Eye Cream

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