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MAC’s Paint is a high tech eye shadow product that comes in a wide variety of shades. It has a creamy texture for easy application but then dries to a smooth, slightly shiny, reflective finish. Paint is a great product to use underneath regular eyeshadows to help them last longer and to prevent creasing.

Paint can be applied with a brush or just with your finger. Be careful not to try to apply to much at a time – A little goes a long way! Alot of people think the paints are messy to apply, but usually you only run into this problem if you have too much paint on your brush, or if you’ve applied to much of it to the eyelid.

MAC Paint | Shade List
Shade Description Availability Collection Date Year
Architecture Darker caramel R
Artjam Brownish-plum with metallic shimmer R
Bamboom Soft beige-brown with golden shimmer R
Bare Canvas Unadorned champagne dressed w/ shimmer R Tan Ray 6 2003
Base Light Fresh golden yellow with gold pearl R
Blue Boy A metallic, electric blue DC
Canton Candy Soft, pale pink with golden shimmer R
Chartru Vivid golden green w/ gold metallic shimmer R
Chiaroscuro Neutral beige with frost R
Deep Shadow Deep bittersweet chocolate with frost R
Flammable Intense red with red shimmer R
Graphito Dark smoky grey with dark silver shimmer DC Black Tied 11 2001
Magrittes Muted golden taupe w/ subtle gold shimmer R
Mauvism Soft mauve with metallic violet DC
Naturalism Deeply naked brown LE Tan Ray 6 2003
Pixel Silvery-white with shimmer DC
Portraiture Warmed up terracotta LE Tan Ray 6 2003
Shimma Shimmery light greyed taupe DC Black Tied 11 2001
Stillife Soft, pale peach with icy metallic shimmer R
Structural Brown Rich mauve-nude R
Sublime Nature Mid-tone nake beige R
Tan Ray Surrealistic tan with gold shimmer LE Tan Ray 6 2003
Untitled Light toned greyed mauve w/slight shimmer R

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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by cakes |Edit This
2007-02-27 22:28:45

Graphito has also been discontinued.
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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by disappointed |Edit This
2007-06-04 11:26:12

not as smooth as it’s bigged up to be.
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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by maddie |Edit This
2007-11-10 22:10:44

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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by heather |Edit This
2007-12-17 23:19:50

Can anyone help me, Im desperatly looking for graphito, I do know it’s continued, but does anyone know where I can find it thanks!!!!! Hedather
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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by hanim |Edit This
2008-07-17 22:49:49

asked the counter makeup artist for an eye base and she recommended paint pot last weekend……….painterly…..i used it but noticed that u need fast hands to apply other colours on top of it coz it dries up pretty fast. now i dono if i hv bought the right item for eye base…did the girl simply pushed the product to me…?
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4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1
Review by Yvonne |Edit This
2008-10-13 15:10:45

i think you got a great base.. Painterly is my holy grail of MAC products. I use it as a base daily! i prefer to let it dry first so that it’s easier to blend the eyeshadows. if i apply the e/s when the paint pot is still drying, i sometimes find that it have trouble blending as much because the e/s sticks so well..

How to Apply Eyeshadow

[See the rest of our How to Apply Makeup series for beginners.]

Eyeshadow is a great way to emphasize your eyes and create some really pretty looks. Most shadows come in powder format in little pots without any instructions. With so many different colors and brushes, it can be difficult to know where to start when applying eyeshadow. Since this “how-to” is part of our beginner’s How to Apply Makeup series, this is a basic routine for an everyday eyeshadow look. We have instructions on more advanced looks on our eye makeup page.

1. You will need a minimum of three colors to achieve a pretty eyeshadow look. Choose three shades in the same color family: one very sheer, one with a medium tone, and one dark color.

MAC Neutrals
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jacklyn DL

2. Begin with the sheer shade. This will be used as a wash over the entire eyelid. Neutrals are best for this purpose. Sweep the color over the entire eyelid all the way to your brows using a flat eyeshadow brush.

3. Next use the medium shade. Apply it only to the lid using a tapered brush and stop when you reach the crease. This color should fill the space between your lash line and the crease.

4. Finally, use the darkest color. This color should be applied sparingly. Remember, you can always add more but if you start out with too much, your look will be ruined. Using an angled brush, apply this color into the crease and then extend it slightly past the outer corner of your eye using a light sweeping motion.

5. Blend, blend, and blend some more. This is the most important step to achieving a natural look. Use a big, soft blending brush and brush in an outward motion from the inside corner toward the outside corner of each eye.

6. To tie the whole look together, you can take the darkest color and use it to line your lower lash line. A wet eyeliner brush can transform dark eyeshadow into a great eyeliner.

MAC: Charms Collection

Release Date: November 11th, 2004

Charms is the upcoming MAC collection. Oddly enough, there aren’t any accessories being offered in this collection. With a name like Charms, I would have thought some kind of an accessory to fit the name would be included. That being said, there are a whole bunch of products that are being offered in this collection, many of which I am extremely excited about.

The first product is the Lipglass Tasti. Anything with the name tasti is good in my book as long as it lives up to its name. Need I say more? Of course I will say more, that’s how excited I am about this product. It’s being offered in four different colors/flavors; Caramel Frostee, Cina-bon-bon, Sugar Spin, and Sweet Brule. I want to try all four of them. Thank goodness MAC has also included five different limited edition kits with this collection and one of them contains all four Lipglass Tastis.

I love that MAC is offering kits. I think it’s a great way for us to get what we want. Among the other kits offered is one called 4 Paints and inlcudes, Stillife, Mauvism, Chartru, and Artjam. Leave it to MAC to up the level of fun with makeup. You don’t simply apply these products, you get to paint them on, creating whatever picture you want. They are interesting, fun, unique and true to MAC.

What products are you most interested by in this collection?


Golddrift—Sparkling chunky gold
Turquise—Sparkling turquoise green


4 Lipglass Tastis—Sweet Brule, Caramel Frostee, Sugar Spin, Cina-bon-bon
4 Paints—Stillife, Mauvism, Chartru, Artjam
5 Glitter—Melon, Coco Beach, Fuchsia, Golddrift, Turquoise
5 Nail Lacquers—Gossamer, Hi Lily, Hi Lo, Kid, Orange, Abstract, Rougemarie
6 Lipglass—C-Thru, Oyster Girl, Oh Baby, Pop Mode, Zazoom, Sizzlepeach


C-Thru—A nude beach beige, cream
Oh Baby—Carmelized Kiss, glitter
Oyster Girl—A freshwater oyster pink, frost
Pop Mode—Sexy plum mixed up with bronze shimmer, frost
Sizzlepeach, Bright peach, glitter
Zazoom—Bright pink with multi-coloured glitter, frost

Lipglass Tasti

Caramel Frostee—Bronze with yellow pearl
Cina-bon-bon—Pinky/coral shimmer
Sugar Spin—Shimmery violet yet baby pink
Sweet Brule—Neutral pink frost

Nail Lacquer

Abstract—Mauve/pink with silver frost
Goassamer—Gossamer light revealing pink white, sheer
Hi Lily, Hi Lo—Light lilac, frost
Kid Orange—Vivid orange red, cream
Rougemare—Wine blue/red, cream


Artjam—Shimmery burgundy brown
Chartru—Golden green with shimmer
Mauvism—True lavendar with silver pearl
Stillife—Light pink with white frost


Coco Beach—Luxuriously rich cocoa bronze
Fuchsia—Bright fuchsia with pink pearl
Melon—Bright golden peach