MAC: Primed For Perfection Collection

Release Date: April 7th, 2011
International Release Date: April 2011

MAC has long been known for their Prep + Prime Eye formulas. They are adding to their expertise two new products with their Primed for Perfection Collection. There is the Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye and the Prep + Prime Highlighter.

Both are meant to add diversity to an already great product line by perfecting the skin for concealer application. The formulas are specifically designed for the delicate eye area. I know that I end up with dark circles under my eyes quite often and anything MAC can to do help in that area I am grateful for. The Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye is supposed to really help reduce puffiness under the eyes not just immediately but long term as well. It is lightweight so you don’t end up looking like you have layers of makeup caked on after your concealer. I might try the vibrancy eye without concealer just to see what improvements it makes on my eyes.

I am really excited about the Highlighter as it can be used under concealer and as a touch up over concealer throughout the day and evening. It works like a click pen so it is easy to take on the go. The pen feature also allows you to really target the areas you want to luminate with precision. The Highlighter comes in three tones. I am excited about the light shell pink as I think it will work with my skin tone well.

Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye – A lightweight, quick fix and long term solution for puffy, tired-looking eyes

Prep + Prime Highlighter

Light Boost – Soft yellow cream
Bright Forecast – Mid-tone peachy coral
Radiant Rose – Light shell pink

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