Sleek Chic

Release Date:
August 2002

MAC’s description:

High-class hues. Well-composed tones. Sexy, seductive.. A sleek array of tantalizingly matte finishes. Apply with bravado. Be eclectic: a la mode or tongue-in chic. Belle du jour… Power babe… Glamour-puss… Biker Chick… Succumb to your fantasies… Lace with with. Edge with irony. Offset with chic. This fall… Get into your tricks. Raise the brows. Don’t veil your looks. Be fabulous.


    Amorous – Lovestruck cranberry
    Hug Me – Fleshed pink
    Mystique – Goddess of love bronze
    Tempting – Alluring pinked cinnamon
    X-Pose – Soft muted beige with violet shimmer


    Entice – Hush hush spice
    Lovechild – Coppered plum
    Revealing – Touching toffee


    Charmer – Natural sesame
    Ochre – Muted golden yellow brown
    Plumage – Dusky peacock
    Shadowy Lady – Darkly veiled plum


    Flatter – Dishwater blonde
    Lingering – Femme fatale fawn
    Spiked – Mid-tone brunette brown
    Velvetone – Film noir black


    Beguile – Voluptuously taupe
    Show-off – Full bodied brown
    Sophisticated – Natural blonde


    Bathusphere – Muted pink mauve with slightly gold shimmer
    Figurative – Soft beige with shimmer


    Abstract – Pale muted pinky mauve with golden shimmer
    Barest – Soft muted creamy beige
    Sleek Chic – Pinked cherry wood

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