Snake Eyes

Release Date:
October 5, 2000

Textured snakeskin eyeshadows that look oversprayed with secondary color

    Chroma Copper Cobra – Beige green oversprayed with red gold duo-chrome
    Chroma Green Garter – Grey green oversprayed with gold green duo-chrome
    Chroma Purple Python – Blackened burgundy oversprayed with purple blue duo-chrome
    Chroma Sinful Serpent – Purple oversprayed with blue-green duo-chrome


    Blooz – Blackened blue
    Prunella – Blackened plum
    Smolder – Deep jet-black
    Teddy – Reddish brown with golden shimmer


    Copper Cobra – Deep rustic red multi-chromatic shade
    Green Garter – Deep acid green multi-chromatic shade
    Purple Python – Deep violet blue multi-chromatic shade
    Sinful Serpent – Deep blue violet multi-chromatic shade

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