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MAC: Superglass Collection

Release Date: May 7th, 2010
International: May 2010

Shattered, decimated, blinded by a fantastic, intergalactic lip light! Just when you thought Dazzleglass was the best-of bright, along comes Superglass, with secret, snowflake-shaped helicone pearls sparkling in three different facets for triple the dazzle! Lips have gone big bang, explosively dimensional, a rare eclipse! Gloss feels slick and sleek on application with no draggy speed bumps, not a hint of grit. A light aroma of vanilla enhances kissability. Extreme innovation that’s a good reflection on MAC and the seductress lucky enough to strike upon it.

If you thought Dazzleglass was as sparkly as lip gloss could possibly get, MAC has come out with something new that will prove you wrong. MAC decided to kick the glitter up yet another notch and the result is Superglass, a new lip gloss formula that surpasses even the high sparkle of Dazzleglass. MAC has come up with special multi-faceted glitter particles that reflect more light than ever without being too chunky, giving this gloss a technological edge over other similar glosses.

Superglass is not for the timid or cosmetically conservative. Make no mistake about it- this gloss is extremely glittery. Not shimmery, not sparkly, but full of straight-up glitter. It’s more for clubbing than every day wear. It is a bit thicker than other MAC glosses and slightly more pigmented as well to help give the glitter a good base. Although you can feel the glitter on your lips, it is not gritty at all like many other glittery glosses.

The collection will launch with nine sparkly colors that cover all the typical gloss shades so everyone will be able to find a color that suits them. These are all limited edition so don’t wait too long to decide or you may leave your MAC makeup counter empty-handed. Cherry Electric is a very bright cherry red that looks especially nice on lighter skin tones. Sugar Overload is one of the more unexpected shades- a glitter-packed beige that helps you get the sparkly look without having to wear a bright color at the same time. Fab Frenzy is a deep wine shade perfect for creating a vampy look that has a little more life to it than the typical matte vamp shades.

Superglass is a bit more expensive than other MAC glasses. This would be a lot easier to accept if we got more gloss than usual. However, Superglass tubes actually contain less product than the other glosses in the MAC Cosmetics line. The high sparkle payoff is a bit hard to find in other glosses and may end up justifying the cost if this is the look you’re after. For incredibly glittery lips without a gritty feel, Superglass truly takes the cake.

Superglass ($18.00 US/$21.50 CDN)

* Cherry Electric – Bright cherry pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Disco Blend – Light tan (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Fab Frenzy – Deep blue purple (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Gift Wrap – Light pinky peach (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Sugar Overload – White beige (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Superflash! – Mid-tone yellow pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Sweet Tart – Baby pale pink (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Totally Bang! – Fuchsia (Pearl) (Limited Edition)
* Tunnel of Love – Deep blue brown (Pearl) (Limited Edition)