Time Rocker

Release Date:
August 1999


    Foil – Pale duo-chromatic gold frost
    Rocker – Deep red-burgundy matte enriched with sparkling glitter
    Smoove – Deep reddish brown with bronze aqua green frost
    Underground – Deep rich golden brown with bronze
    Velvet – Rich blackened purple matte glitter
    Vinyl – Vivid red glossy sheer finish


    Nico – Subdued mauve infused with glitter
    Oh Baby – Rich golden bronze shade with silver glitter


    Club – Dark greyish aqua green with red brown undertones
    Glare – Pale bright chartreuse accented with gold shimmer
    Patina – Subdued olive brown with a reddish golden sheen
    Tilt – Blue accented with an aqua/violet duo-chrome effect (Frost)
    Trax – Deep velvet burgundy plum with metallic flecks


    Ohhh – Deep purple with subtle shimmer
    Slammin’ – Rich russet red embellished with bronze shimmer
    Slick – Greyed-blue with burnished yellow gold shimmer


    Rocker – Red burgundy with glitter
    Tilt – Blue-violet with glitter
    Velvet – Purple with glitter


MAC Tattoos – Tribal Tattoos / Temporary body tattoos

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