MAC: Venomous Villains Collection

Release Date: September 30, 2010

From time to time, MAC collaborates with celebrities and fashion designers to come up with a special collection. From Liza Minelli to Hello Kitty, MAC is always finding an interesting twist for their makeup. After lots of speculation, now it is official: MAC is teaming up with Disney to create Venomous Villains, a collection of makeup inspired by the villainous characters in some of Disney’s most popular movies. Yes, that’s right- Disney. It may seem like an unlikely combination but think more along the lines of Cruella de Vil and Maleficent than Donald Duck and you’ll see that MAC has plenty of fodder for this collection.

One of the main draws of this collection is a new product called Magically Cool Liquid Powder. This is a powder highlighter that feels cool and refreshing on the face and appears to melt into skin and give a finish more like the kind you’d expect from a liquid. Truth and Light is the best choice for lighter skin tones with its sheer color and silvery-pink shimmer, whereas the bronzey Cajun is perfectly suited to medium to dark skin.

The Mineralize Eye Shadows in this collection are stunning. She Who Dares combines a dark green and pearlescent lime with a pearly navy blue. The two colors look great together and even better when worn in conjunction with the blackish green French Quarter Greasepaint stick.

Hot House Deep lipglass from Strange Hybrid is back. This is a surprisingly wearable blue-based raspberry gloss with a pink shimmer that gives the illusion of fuller lips. There is also a great blush called Bite of an Apple that gives cheeks a coral flush and looks particularly nice on Snow White complexions. Heartless is a bright cherry red lipstick that is really hard for most people to pull off with everyday looks but would be great if you are actually dressing as a Disney villain for Halloween.

The packaging features the various Disney villains on top of the typical black MAC packaging with a fun twist- they are making different expressions on different products! Overall it’s a fun collection with some must-have products even for non-Disney fans.

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