MAC Eyeshadow Depotting Tutorial

A lot of makeup artists “de-pot” their MAC eyeshadows and even their MAC blushes: they remove the metal pan from the black “pot” so that each shade is in a single metal pan. Then, they place all of their eyeshadows on a magnetic board or in a MAC PRO palette.

By depotting your eyeshadows or blushes, you can do alot of different things:

You can keep all your eyeshadows in one palette board. Once they are on a single board, you can organize them in groups according to what shade combinations you use or organize them alphabetically or by color.

You can also organize your shadows and blushes in different PRO Palettes (PRO Palettes hold either 15 or 4 eyeshadow pans or 6 blush pans). You can create your own eyeshadow quad by placing four colors of your own choice in an empty quad. This is a great idea if you have four shades you use together all the time – like your smokey eye shades, or another one of your regularly-used eyeshadow combinations.

This awesome video tutorial shows you how to de-pot your eyeshadows step by step. (Follow the same steps to de-pot your blushes if you desire).

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