MAC: Fabulous Felines Collection

Release Date: August 26, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Fabulous Felines Collection

Fabulous Felines is one of those gigantic MAC collections that seem to emerge each fall. If you think you can skip this one because you’re not a big fan of cats, think again. This collection is a lot more than just clever names. The colors stand on their own and will draw you in whether you want them to or not. The products in this collection are divided into three color themes: blue/grey/purple, golds, and smokey greens. There is also a designer bag that goes with each of the color themes.

MAC is unveiling its new Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in this collection. This liner is easier to apply than traditional liquid liners thanks to its innovative flocked tip and it also boasts the long lasting power of Liquidlast liners. The color selection is perfect for fall with metallic golds, silvers, and greens. Desires & Devices is a stunning sparkly forest green that can easily transition to holiday wear as well.

The eyeshadow quads take the stress out of choosing fall colors, with the Burmese Beauty Eye Quad being the most versatile and autumn-like of the three. There are lots of new lipsticks, lipglasses, and cremestick liners. The easy favorite here is A Quiet Roar lipglass with its soft white gold sheen.

Fabulous Felines also meets the expectations of pigment lovers with a new pigment called Bloodline. This pigment combines dark purple and dark brown to create a definitive answer for those who can’t seem to choose between the two shades when applying makeup. MAC also dug out some old favorites such as Antique Green. This pearly blue-green pigment almost looks like it was made to go with the new Desires & Devices Superslick liner.

This is indeed a large collection but it’s a very complete one and you could easily find everything you need to get through fall without having to look outside of the Fabulous Felines display cases.

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