MAC: Sateens Collection

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Release Date: November 4th, 2004

Thanks to MAC’s Sateen collection, we now have something to keep our makeup in that’s just as sassy as the makeup itself. MAC is releasing new accessory bags in three different sizes, petite, mid size, and max size.

The biggest one is large enough to be used as a purse. If you are looking for something small and sleek to keep your lipstick or touch up makeup in, than the petite size would be just the thing.

The bags are one solid color, with a black strip around the base and top where the zipper is at. The black strip has the MAC logo across it. There are several different colors to choose from, but not every size comes in every color. The largest accessory only comes in brown. The mid size comes in three colors, and the petite size is offered in five different colors. This is a limited edition so act fast if want one.

Sateen Accessories

Max Size—Brown
Mid Size—Lavender, turquoise, brown
Petite Size—Lavender, blue, chartreuse, pink, turquoise

Kiss & Makeup!

The following products were included in the MAC: Sateens Collection: , .

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