MAC: Viva Glam Collection

Release Date: November 11th, 2004

Long live glamorous with MAC’s new Viva Glam. It is a collection made up entirely of lipsticks so you can choose the color that makes you feel the most glamorous. Each lipstick shade sports the name of the collection from Viva Glam I to Viva Glam V. With five different shades to choose from, you are sure to find one that brings out the glam in you.

For those of us who like to mix it up with our lip color, there is the option of the Viva Glam Lip Palette. All five of the lipsticks come in this one palette. I might consider getting this so I don’t have to choose just one. My lip color choice tends to change as often as my mood. You never know when you will need something soft and elegant for the day time, but something a little more bold for the evening. Which color do you think will bring out your inner glam?

Lip Palette

Viva Glam Lip Palette—Viva Glam I, II, III, IV, V lipsticks


Viva Glam I—Intense brownish blue-red, matte
Viva Glam II—Muted pinkish-beige with subtle shimmer, satin
Viva Glam III—Muted brownish-plum, matte
Viva Glam IV—A mid-tone frosted rose with a subtle gold sparkle, frost
Viva Glam V—A muted, mauve pink, lustre