Makeup Artist Spotlight: Nicole Palermo


We are thrilled to introduce our newest Featured Makeup Artist, Nicole Palermo. Nicole has over 18 years of experience as a makeup artist. She worked for MAC for seven years, and has also worked for Estee Lauder, Nina Ricci and numerous spas in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. Nicole has done everything from print and fashion to boudoir sessions, makeup instruction and more. Nicole is especially talented in her exceptional use of color and blending. She has tons of new and exciting ideas that will be featured here on our site. For one, she will be doing a new series of tutorials where she will be showing you a seasonal creative makeup look each month! We are excited for you to get to know her, and to see her work and upcoming tutorials. Her creative ideas are endless!

In addition to makeup, Nicole is also talented in jewelry design and painting. She started and runs her own business, and she even created her own skincare & bodycare line (Read more about it here!) As if that weren’t enough to keep her busy (!), Nicole also regularly offers makeup lessons, spa parties, girls night out parties, children’s parties and makeup artistry services for models seeking to add to their portfolios. Nicole is definitely an extremely multi-talented artist. We are so happy to have her and can’t wait to bring you more from her!


As women, I feel we pick ourselves apart from head to toe, yet we possess beauty in so many ways. I look at life as art and I am constantly trying to create innovative ideas to bring that art to life. When I work with women, I love being able to bring out beauty that they usually never see… highlight their features and collaborate with them in creating a look that embraces who they are. My goal is to make them look at themselves in a different way and to appreciate, themselves. Women make me feel good about what I do, they make it possible for me to be passionate about my career. I want us all to be able to feel better about ourselves, and admit that we are HOT sometimes! There are no rules to makeup only guidelines, no limitations. You must be open, and willing to explore everything. You will be amazed what you find, and what you learn about yourself.” – Nicole Palermo

3 thoughts on “Makeup Artist Spotlight: Nicole Palermo

  1. Lucy

    I absoloutley love make-up and long to be make-up artist with my own business. Reading what nicole has to say about her job and make up is a real inspiration.


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