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Mark Cosmetics – Company Overview and Top Product Reviews

Mark Cosmetics is a line of makeup geared toward girls in their teens and early twenties. You won’t find much in the way of anti-aging here but you will find plenty of great products in edgy colors at a decent price. Mark is made by Avon and has a similar distribution scheme. That means it’s not available in stores. It must be bought online or through representatives. Mark Cosmetics reviews can help you decide if you are interested in certain Mark makeup products or not.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dmitry Skurnyagin

Mark is a great place to find products and colors that are a little different than the standard offerings of other lines. While you can find the usual suspects here as well (such as countless pink lipsticks and black mascaras), one thing that makes Mark Cosmetics stand out is the fun colors they offer. An example of this is the On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Eye Liner. This liquid liner is a dark olive color sprinkled with a subtle gold shimmer. It’s a stunning color for any eye color and a welcome change from the typical brown and black liquid liners that fill all the drugstore shelves. The color is so flattering that you will want to wear it all the time, which is a good thing because once you open the tube, you only have a few months of use before it turns clumpy and eventually dries out. At the price, it’s not a big concern. The applicator is in the style of a paintbrush which means it does take some level of skill to apply it without looking ridiculous. Since I don’t have the steadiest hand, I use a wet cotton swab to thin out the line after I apply it to give myself a more natural look.

The I-Mark Custom Pick Shadow is a mere five dollars but the quality is something you would expect from a shadow that costs three times as much. Tiki is a true bronze color that is very deep and unlike many bronzes, it does not have a hint of orange. It’s very wearable as a crease color and looks particularly lovely on green eyes. Be warned that it does not come with any type of applicator as most shadows do, but it’s just as well because those applicators tend to be worthless anyway.

Mark is a great starting place for a young girl looking to get into makeup, but seasoned makeup junkies can still find plenty of reason to order their products as well.