New Makeup Artist Spotlights

Hello Everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now featuring a new series of Makeup Artist Spotlights. Each spotlight will appear here in SoKissandMakeup.com’s main news/makeup tips section.

In addition to being introduced here on our home page, each artist will also have an artist profile on SoKissandMakeup.com. Here, you’ll be able to learn all about each of our fabulous artists. Find out what motivates them, how they got started, and what they love most about their work. Hear all about their philosophies as makeup artists, see more of their work, and access their personal and professional websites!

These featured artists will also be sharing their own makeup tips, tutorials, makeup ideas, trends, beauty tips, product reviews, recommendations, and more… right here on SoKissandMakeup.com! Their posts are coming soon, and we can hardly wait!

We are unbelievably excited for you to learn more about these talented artists.

Love you all!

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